Sunday, July 09, 2006

Yesterday we quite innocently visited a place called 'Noah's Ark', near Bristol. The first warning sign was a 'fish' flag outside the entrance. The place seemed fairly normal apart from that, until we read some of the plaques on the animal cages and fences. Sign after sign questioned evolution and kept waffling about 'god'. A lot of laughs and headshaking ensued!

Things got more serious when we visited the animal show. It started off okay, but as soon as a donkey was brought in the old dodderer giving the show started screaming about 'Jesus'! Needless to say we, and many others, walked out. It was DISGUSTING that children were subjected to this rot.

There was more evidence elsewhere (photos available to researchers), the shop was like any true Brit's nightmare - pop up bibles, christian videos, morbid singing. Outside there was a 'Noah's Ark' exhibition where the poor fools tried to claim that Noah's Ark was REAL, that the earth was 'created' 13,000 years ago and there were only 120 species of animals then, all the other 3,000,000 having evolved since! Whilst making these extraordinary and impossible claims for the power of evolution, other signs claimed it was only a 'theory' (the bible isn't?????) and that evolution 'couldn't exist'.

We've all shook our heads in wonder and pity at deranged leftie anti-women pro-white Americans expressing this rot, but I NEVER thought I would see it in Wessex of all places. This is a PAGAN country, not a superstition-riddled island full of half-bred lunatics, and christianity can only ever be a joke 'religion'.

A day later I still feel disgusted that this affront to reality could exist. If you visit their website or see their brochure you'll see that they keep all this idiocy under their hats, as they realise that visitors would dwindle to zero. In fact it's only after you've paid their (exhorbitant) entrance fees that the true nature of this disgraceful place is revealed. Posted by Picasa

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