Tuesday, July 25, 2006

yes! school hols!

Yes! School holidays at last!! This was Wulf proudly if self-conciously showing off his Certificate of Merit that he got for being brilliant and cute. In all my years at school I got NOTHING, despite my stratospheric IQ and angelic looks.

But school holidays are not long enough - they should run from 1 June to mid September at least. Bugger the whingeing working parents who shouldn’t have kids anyway, and Blair and his Utopia of double-wage-earner-prefect-christian families paying tax from birth to death on everything.They’re trying to REDUCE the holidays, shoving ‘em on in October or other drizzly times of year.

School should be for kids, holidays should be for scrapes and adventures and trainspotting and chilling to Plan B and Chopin and baseball-batting kids from the other villages. I’m surprised they don’t try to give ‘em homework to do over the holidays.

So Wulf will be quad-biking and swimming and climbing trees and digging up ants nests and having pub lunches and falling off station platforms and sniffing steam rather than glue.
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Trinity said...

I don't believe you were ever angelic......
"On the day that you were born......"