Sunday, October 30, 2011

wanted - robomen!


We are seeking men and women who are prepared to do exactly what we ask, who will not question authority, who will be like everyone else, who do not think.

We offer superb tented accomodation, central city locations, no need to wash, chance of a good fight.

Intelligent, educated, free-thinking people need NOT apply.

Apply to 'Too Thick to Fail'
c/o St Pauls Cathedral

Uniforms (hats, matted jackets, combat trousers, bovver boots) provided.

Unpaid as we do not believe in money.

Applications are NOT wanted from working class people, people who have not been to university, supporters of capitalism, the most successful economic system ever invented.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

foggy thinking

The thinking behind the 'Too Thick to Fail' 'occupations, otherwise known as 'Occupy' is a bit of a mystery to normal people.

I read blogs and newsletters from a whole range of political types, from stodgy seventies Stalinism, through progressive right wing business orientated blogs to environmental and Peak Oil sites.

The best answer I've had yet is that this is a result of two things - rampant consumerism and a sense of entitlement to stuff, and a boom in university attendance on courses that don't actually teach any marketable skills.

So you have a big mass of 'middle class' types, who are middle class more through their aspirations, tastes and expectation of an extremely wealthy lifestyle, rather than because of their economic status, many of whom also have or are taking degrees in subjects that had little relevance even back in the growth times, let alone now, when growth is finished.

So this is an extremely middle class 'revolt'. These people were brought up by well-meaning parents to expect the future would be cosy, full of material things, drizzled with classical music, experimental theatre and super friends, in a world that would just get wealthier and wealthier. Their parents were idiots, and their little Aramintas and Lukes are the ones paying the price.

So what do they want? Well for one they want all the trappings of capitalism - mobile phones, stereos, cars, designer clothes, but they don't want capitalism to provide it, because through their perusal of Nazi anti-capitalist diatribes and foul cartoons (depicting capitalists as top-hat wearing, Jewish featured elderly men) they have a totally wrong image of capitalism and capitalists.

So they've turned to a failed system - socialism - which could never provide anything like capitalism did, destroyed the environment, destroyed freedom of thought, art and music and killed millions through neglect and nastiness. And because all western governments are socialist with a capitalist sheen, they are working with the government to destroy freedom, especially economic freedom. They are fighting the battles of the 1960s, fifty years on.

So what DO the protesters need? They need to understand that the future will be far poorer than the present. That billions of people will die over the next few decades as the oil runs out and the climate turns vicious. They need to learn the skills that will get them through this, forget decadent, consumerist socialism and start building their own lives and communities without expecting the rest of us to do it for them.

The same disease is present throught he current 'Too Thick to Fail' protests, back through the August riots and further back to the Student Protests. It's all about the same - entitlement and lack of personal responsibility.

That's what this is all about. And it will end in tears ...

Monday, October 24, 2011

nazis swarm

The Nazi 'Occupy' movement continues to splutter from one disaster to another. Gaining the nickname 'Too Thick to Fail' hasn't helped their cause one bit, neither has the indifference of 99.9% of the population, who think they are a bunch of spoilt middle-class brats. And the St Paul's debacle brings shame on the whole country.

But what is really sinister is their method, and the madness behind it. We are in the middle of the Second Crisis of Socialism, as the money being pumped into failed banks is still not doing the job. The stupid corporate types who are the vanguard of weak capitalism should actually be hanging from lampposts, not being bailed out by their fellow socialists in government. This started with George Bush and is now spreading around the world.

What are they scared of? Why have they abandoned capitalism? Why suddenly do people like Bush, Obama, Cameron et al suddenly think that socialism will work when it never has before? Why don't they just trumpet Schumpeter and let creative destruction run its course?These banks MUST fail, then we can start rebuilding the economies of the world. Instead socialist measures like nationalisation and currency debasement are still being tried.

This is the real problem of democracy. Because politicians depend so much on their 'jobs' of being politicians, they have to appease the people, so they will continue to vote for them. So they offer these easy fixes, rather than tackle the problem. All it does is put things off, and when the shit really hits the fan it will be that much worse. With luck the politicians will be able to blame other politicians. They are a bunch of morons.

So where do our dear little middle-class 'protestors' fit into all of this? Well, they are thick as shit, so probably couldn't tell you why they are doing it. (The bright ones are out building businesses and communities of course). I suspect they are all Daily Mail readers, and really believe the lies and propaganda they read. And then they try the old Nazi trick of 'Us and Them'. 'We are the 99%,' they bleat. Really? I don't know ONE person that believes in any of this. 99% of people couldn't care less, and the other 1% hate them. I have even seen Nazi-style cartoons depicting 'capitalists' as fat, Jewish looking 1930s types, wearing top hats for fuck's sake! This is the level these idiots have already sunk to.

Fortunately the cold weather is coming, and the little loves will soon be sniffling into their Gucci mufflers and running out of chilbain ointment (they are all so delicate!) They will finally do the decent thing and let St Paul's reopen, and the squalor where once they were will soon disappear.

Luvvies - you are 40 or 50 years too late. Socialism failed in 1990 and is now in its final death throes. The future will be strong capitalism, single-person businesses in small communities, working through Peak Oil and Climate Chnage. There'll be no big states, no central government, no huge bureaucracy to try to create a command economy, no snazzy posters reaffirming your membership of the 99%, no more racist cartoons, no benefits, no rich parents. You'll all have to fucking work! And it's that thought that keeps my smile big and broad as I hear about your latest anti-social exploits on the news. Babies.

Friday, October 21, 2011

'too thick to fail' succeed - in closing st paul's!!

Hitler would have been proud of the 'Too Thick to Fail' zombies who are infesting the area outside St Paul's (because they're too scared to confront the city types). Their little gas stoves are a fire hazard, their tents are unhygienic, and they insist on using the font as a toilet.

They are so stupid it's beyond belief. They have a big banner screaming 'Capitalism is Crisis'. What the fuck? They can't even spell 'in' properly! This has NOTHING to do with capitalism, it's a crisis of socialism, namely governments who insist on intervening in the market to win votes by putting off the REAL economic crisis that will be riding the twin pigs of Peak Oil and the End of Growth.

I detest these little middle-class protestors who have all managed to get Friday off work (LOL!) They don't have a clue what they are protesting about. And I bet they all pop to Starbucks for their espressos and paninis.

I've done my share of protests. Raiding council meetings, monkeywrenching and of course the FANTASTIC Poll Tax demos that brought the sow Thatcher down. Now that WAS socialism at its worst, a flat rate tax on everyone, no doubt predating a flat rate of pay.

Zombies that have closed St Paul's - you are not the 99%. You are not even 1%. You are a tiny nano% of a tiny priveledged minority of chinless, posh, middle class off cuts that are embarrassing the rest of us. Go back to your detached homes ...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

part of the 1% - and EXTREMELY proud of it

For fuck's sake! So the little sheep (read middle class lefty scum) are trying to bring down the system! It's YOUR system you divs. This is a crisis of socialism, not capitalism. Bailed out banks are socialist and socialised institutions. You are attacking your own!

The battle of the future will be between weak capitalism and strong capitalism. If the sheep want to attack weak capitalism I don't reallly mind, as long as it doesn't affect me. If the sheep want to attack the very socialist institutions that will provide their pensions and underwrite the UK weak capitalist system that pays billions intaxes to pay for their health care, roads, schools etc then let 'em do it. They are far too thick to understand what they are doing, though that's not an excuse.

Morons, your battle is a fight from the last century. Each and every one of you sheep has benefited from our government's socialist bail out. You supported it, you ARE the weak capitalist bankers! You are now (apparently) arguing against deficit cuts because YOU didn't cause them!! Of course you did. You use state services, you use credit, many of you shared in the house price 'boom', all parts of this problem.

I detest being told I'm part of the 99%. I'm not! I'm not part of this great weak capitalist revolution that is merely WASTING yet more money when we should be saving it.

The war of the 21st century will be between STRONG capitalism - small, mainly one person operations actually creating something with one eye on the environment and WEAK capitalism, which is what you lot LOVE. That's banks, oil companies, corporates, luxury goods sellers, the meat industry, chemicals, all the vile, pointless set ups that really only exist to keep people in 'jobs' and exploit the planet. If we don't reduce the deficit these socialist set ups will continue to plunder the planet's resources, foul the atmosphere and keep consumers mired in 'things' they don't need.

Be proud to be part of the 1% - the rebels, the independent thinkers, the strong business owners, the railwaymen and women, artists, musicians, writers, nurses, teachers, doctors and organic farmers. We're the future.

The 99% - the sheep, the bankers, the Daily Mail readers, the weak business employees, the racists, the Labour party members, the tories, the trade unions - can all go to hell. You've had your chance and you've blown it. Time to let the 1% run things from now on!

Thursday, October 06, 2011

killing the pound

So the Bank of England have just 'created' £75 billion. That's over £1000 for every single person in the country. So is every single one of us - babes in arms, benefits scroungers, zimmer warriors, my ex-wife - each going to produce another £1000+ in added value?? Of course not. So what will happen is that our money will simply inflate to make up the gap. Pointless.

This is a transfer from savers to losers, from those that work hard to those that are work shy. This race to the bottom is pathetic. It's terribly un-British so no surprise that the tories and the BBC both love it. Oh, and the stock market, that has risen over 3% today. Well of course, because that's where all this extra 'money' will go to. They are a bunch of idiots, all those that think this is 'good news'. In reality it's a disaster.

I read a disturbing piece yesterday froma  US investor who reckons the following European countries are in real danger of collapse. Greece, Italy, Spain, Ireland and Switzerland. Yes, Switzerland! And why? Because they are fiddling their currency. And once people - both in the country and outside - lose faith in their currency then that currency, and country, are fucked. I suppose he'll add the UK to that list today.

So what IS needed?

The first thing is to accept that growth is finished, now and probably for the next few thousand years, until we can create a proper, solar powered economy. So policies that are supposed to 'kick start' growth are a complete waste of time and energy.

The second step is to link the value of our currency to the amount of gold (and silver and copper) that we own. Then our currency should actually be MADE out of this resource. Inflation will vanish, digital money will be a thing of the past, and we will at last have sound money that everybody wants!

The third step is to build a transport system based on rail - railways, even High Speed lines, tramways, industrial lines, ultra light systems - anything that can be powered by electricity or wood-burning steam. Oil will vanish over the next few decades, cars will never be viable again, and air travel will vanish completely. New businesses can then grow up around these new transport systems, giving us an edge over countries that are still tied to oil.

The fourth and final step is something that has to happen inside all of us. Forget a 'career', forget becoming a 'celebrity', forget some sort of natural 'progression' that burns through energy and resources and just leaves you feeling unsatisfied and unhappy. Instead concentrate on acquiring some land, acquiring the skills to make it provide an income, learn how to defend it, get your own water and power laid on, and start building the community around you at the same time. Or become a nurse, teacher or tram driver - professions with a future.

All the rest is, as Arthur Seaton will affirm, propaganda ...

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teresa may - liar

What the fuck is Cameron thinking? Why did he let that droop-faced moron Teresa May LIE to the Tory conference? The sow cold bloodedly (and knowingly) lied that an immigrant had been allowed to stay in the UK because he HAD A CAT!!

This is a complete lie, and decent Kenneth Clarke attacked the old hag for it. And what's happened? Poor Ken has had to APOLOGISE to the old Isthmian League Thatcher for being a tad rude.

The simple fact is that when this person was asked to give examples of the strength of his relationship to a British woman he said that they owned a cat together. This, and other examples, were enough to convince the judge that his case was genuine. He was allowed to stay for that reason, not 'because he had a cat'.

Cameron should SACK this horrible old slut for blatantly lying to the party conference and for jumping on a bandwagon no doubt started by those idiots at the Daily Mail or some similar such rag.

Get some backbone Cameron, or you'll be finished. Start with this sow.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

oh dear ...

Eric Pickles - an inspiration to us all?

What the fuck are the tories playing at? Less than two years in government and they are already falling apart, pulling in opposite directions to each other and, more importantly, going in a totally different direction to the rest of us!

Eric Pickles, some sort of Trotskyite Humpty Dumpty trapped forever in a fifties black and white Britain, has SERIOUSLY suggested that money is available to help councils introduce a weekly refuse collection!! Yes, you read that right. Whilst the rest of the world is cutting back on landfill and doing everything it can to reduce waste, this left wing moron wants to do the opposite because that is what the retards at the Daily Mail want!! For fuck's sake!! What we need to do is REDUCE waste collection to once monthly. Even then many bins will be half empty. I know ours will. Because nearly everything these days is either recyclable or compostable.

And then, just to add another twist of madness, the same party decides that this is the perfect time to suggest RAISING motorway speed limits!! In reality motorway speed limits should be drastically reduced, perhaps in 5mph installments, over the next four years, giving us a maximum speed of 50mph. This is plenty fast enough in the permanent energy crisis, if you need to get anywhere faster use the trains.

The idea behind this is to increase the tax take from cars (which is of course falling as people abandon their cars - even in this age of incredibly cheap fuel) - because driving faster uses MORE oil, therefore brings in more income from duty. If nothing else it proves that this government will constantly hammer motorists through creative means, and perhaps burning through precious oil more quickly and hammering the dinosaurs through tax shows that there are some serious eco-activists operating inside the old folks' party!