Sunday, October 16, 2011

part of the 1% - and EXTREMELY proud of it

For fuck's sake! So the little sheep (read middle class lefty scum) are trying to bring down the system! It's YOUR system you divs. This is a crisis of socialism, not capitalism. Bailed out banks are socialist and socialised institutions. You are attacking your own!

The battle of the future will be between weak capitalism and strong capitalism. If the sheep want to attack weak capitalism I don't reallly mind, as long as it doesn't affect me. If the sheep want to attack the very socialist institutions that will provide their pensions and underwrite the UK weak capitalist system that pays billions intaxes to pay for their health care, roads, schools etc then let 'em do it. They are far too thick to understand what they are doing, though that's not an excuse.

Morons, your battle is a fight from the last century. Each and every one of you sheep has benefited from our government's socialist bail out. You supported it, you ARE the weak capitalist bankers! You are now (apparently) arguing against deficit cuts because YOU didn't cause them!! Of course you did. You use state services, you use credit, many of you shared in the house price 'boom', all parts of this problem.

I detest being told I'm part of the 99%. I'm not! I'm not part of this great weak capitalist revolution that is merely WASTING yet more money when we should be saving it.

The war of the 21st century will be between STRONG capitalism - small, mainly one person operations actually creating something with one eye on the environment and WEAK capitalism, which is what you lot LOVE. That's banks, oil companies, corporates, luxury goods sellers, the meat industry, chemicals, all the vile, pointless set ups that really only exist to keep people in 'jobs' and exploit the planet. If we don't reduce the deficit these socialist set ups will continue to plunder the planet's resources, foul the atmosphere and keep consumers mired in 'things' they don't need.

Be proud to be part of the 1% - the rebels, the independent thinkers, the strong business owners, the railwaymen and women, artists, musicians, writers, nurses, teachers, doctors and organic farmers. We're the future.

The 99% - the sheep, the bankers, the Daily Mail readers, the weak business employees, the racists, the Labour party members, the tories, the trade unions - can all go to hell. You've had your chance and you've blown it. Time to let the 1% run things from now on!


David Robins said...

"If we don't reduce the deficit..."

On the contrary, what is causing the harm is precisely the drive to reduce the deficit, by mining the environment to create 'growth' that 'makes' money through pushing consumerism. Progress will come when governments agree to tell the Rothschilds, etc. that the money isn't real and that the plundering of the future for the sake of an illusion has to stop.

Debts? Just put them on the fire. Only sensible thing to do with them.

Sunshiner said...

Not sure I agree entirely. The reduction should come through efficiency, because there's room for it. I think growth's over but none of the politicians - even the Greens - have the guts to tell the electorate that, because that is what all our 'dreams' have been built on.

Yet historically growth has only happened in the last 2-300 years, before that the economy was both steady state and sustainable. It's this illusion that life has always been like this that has softened so many people's heads and seems to have all but wiped out original thinking.

The people who support these 'occupations' haven't got a clue what they are doing. What is their aim? To just keep things as they are? To keep consuming and wastefully creating more and more layers of bureaucracy, social services and jobs that aren't really jobs because they are not productive?

We need a MASSIVE rethink of how things are run, under the discipline of resource depletion, out of control climate and, most importantly, recreating the world on a human scale with far less complexity and totally devolved power.

The occupations are a decadent game, played by interest groups, people with an agenda, people seeking revenge, people adhering to 20th century political ideas. They really seem to be disenfranchising themselves completely from the decision making processes of the 21st century, like a load of loosely choreographed sheep. We should be proud to be part of a group of 1%, not seek comfort in a seething mass of regular folk, fed on lies and steteotypes, the so-called 99%. In reality of course most people couldn't care one way or the other ...