Wednesday, July 23, 2008

socialism - a long time dying

First they tried to destroy eastern and central Europe. Then in their Thatcherite form they tried to destroy the UK. It all ended (or so we thought) as the 80s became the 90s - the fall of the Berlin Wall, of Thatcher, of the USSR. The end of socialism, for ever.

Now they are churning out their bile and exercising the chips on their shoulders.


Middle class and low IQ - the typical socialist.

Now they are targeting Global Warming and Peak Oil. Why? Because both threaten their vision for the world - endless suburbia, a detached home for all, a B&Q on every street corner, an end to voting, two cars for every family, a pointless government job for life and an endless succession of benefits, subsidies and grants.

Fuck 'em. Fuck Martin Durkin, ex-communist, extreme lefty and the creator of the Channel 4 joke documentary 'The Great Global Warming Swindle'. Yeah, well you'd fucking know all about that wouldn't you, you toffee-nosed, po-faced divvy?

Go and discuss Marx with Gordon Brown, Margaret Thatcher and the Chinese in one of your posh gardens. Just leave us alone to protect our own families as Global Warming and Peak Oil kick in big time.
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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

spineless tossers

Oh dear, our 'prime minister' Gordon Brown has just quivered yet again and decided that the miserable 2p fuel surcharge will not now be imposed in the autumn. How many times has this Scottish tory tart done this now? Every time the hippy lorry drivers whinge he backs down. So where is the revenue going to come from??

As drivers we can choose to drive less and, in the longer term, change our lifestyles so we no longer depend on dinosaur cars. But now we'll all have to pay so the socialist toffs can continue to drive for a few more weeks. It's pathetic.
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1848 all over again

Potato famine 2008 style. A timely reminder that the sooner we learn survival skills the better - in a few years time this would be a real disaster! A combination of wind, rain and ...

... slugs.

The crop from 2 containers. Next year we'll deal ruthlessly with the slugs. Nemetode worms and hedgehogs, and environmentally-friendly pellets.
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Monday, July 07, 2008

don't miss

In between baiting socialists and hippies whilst spreading the Peak Oil message why not recharge your batteries by watching the BRILLIANT Summer Heights High. It's the best Australian comedy ever and is nudging the Boosh out of my favourite comedy show of all time!
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Sunday, July 06, 2008

why tories don't understand business

Arch-socialist scumbag Margaret Thatcher almost wiped out the middle class with her total misunderstanding of business. But then should we expect anything other from these socialist toffs?

And things don't seem to have changed.

From today's AOL a quote from George Osborne, socialist.

Fuel duty would be slashed to help hard-pressed families deal with soaring prices, under radical Tory plans.

Shadow chancellor George Osborne promised to link tax levels to oil prices, so the Government "shared the pain" of hikes.
If the measures had been implemented at the last Budget duty would currently be 5p lower - easing the impact on motorists at the pumps.

Speaking on BBC1's Andrew Marr programme, Mr Osborne described the system as a "fair fuel stabiliser".

"At the moment fuel duty goes up even when the price of oil goes up," he said. "So instead of Government helping you with the rising cost of living, they are actually adding to it. The Government revenue flows in because the price of oil goes up."

Oh dear! In reality the purchase of fuel has DECREASED by 20% over the last month or so, severely denting government revenues from fuel duty. So as the price of fuel goes up revenues DECREASE! This is just common sense, but toff Osborne doesn't seem to understand it. Don't give up the day job George - your understanding of economics seems to be as vague as that of your namesake George Monbiot!
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Saturday, July 05, 2008

chinese peak oil prep!

From Lewis Geary's Rich Life letter, some really interesting facts about Chinese attitudes to money!

*** Being frugal is a virtue. Frugality is an integral part of the Chinese culture... it's a concept that's been taught for thousands of years. The classic Chinese text "Dao De Jing" states that the three greatest treasures one can have are love, frugality, and generosity.

*** Save as much as you can - The personal savings rate in China is incredibly high compared to the UK. Chinese households save around 30% of their family income every year, while according to The Guardian, in 2007, we Brits saved just 2.1% of our income.*** If you haven't got the cash - don't buy it! Credit cards are still fairly rare in China and most people pay for everything in cash.
Recently, the Chinese government relaxed rules on home ownership, and many ordinary Chinese people were able to pay for their properties in CASH! Teachers and factory workers were able to call upon 10-20 times their annual salaries in actual, physical money! Imagine how that would go down at your local Halifax...

*** Be wary of debt. Most Chinese people HATE to be in debt - hence the relative scarcity of credit cards and the reluctance to take on mortgage debt. That's a good thing. The less debt you have, the more financial freedom you enjoy.

*** Always look for a bargain - In China, haggling is a way of life. I've been told that if you ever visit China, it's expected that you ask for at least 50 to 75% DISCOUNT in stores.

You'll find plenty of shops and market sellers willing to negotiate with you, because bargaining is ingrained in the Chinese culture. Can you imagine how much more money you'd have if you only ever paid half-price for everything? Try it on your next shopping trip up the high street. Remember: don't ask - don't get!

*** Don't make your salary a secret - If you ask a Chinese person how much he or she earns, the chances are they'll tell you. It's not seen as bragging or a way to score points. It's actually seen as a way of getting to know another person.

It's not thought of as rude or bad form in Chinese culture to talk about money, and I believe that's a very good thing. We're way too guarded in this country about our finances and that can lead to jealousy, bitterness, envy and a reluctance to face up to financial problems.

*** Give the gift of cash! Every New Year and every birthday, Chinese children usually get cash from relatives in a red envelope. The tradition is that they save this money until they reach adulthood.

That might sound pretty unimaginative to you and I, but in China it's considered extremely thoughtful. It's not a bad idea when you think about how much useless (and expensive) rubbish we accumulate as kids that we discard after a few weeks.
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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

the great unwinding ....

An interesting comment from an RAC spokesman at the end of this short AOL piece!

Temperatures rose to 27.8C (82F) today - the hottest day of the year so far, Met Office weather forecasters said.

London and other parts of south east England, Cambridgeshire, East Anglia and the Midlands have seen the highest temperatures, while Northern Ireland and western parts of Scotland have missed out on the sunshine.

A Met Office spokesman said: "I think it's squeaked it as the hottest day of the year, although we can't validate it yet.

"It may even have risen a couple of points higher than the 27.8C recorded at the London Weather Centre."

But the heat does not appear to have sent Britons flocking to the coast, according to motoring organisation the RAC.

"The roads have been comparatively quiet," said an RAC spokesman. "People are really thinking about whether their journeys are necessary and trying to economise on fuel while prices are so high."
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