Sunday, July 06, 2008

why tories don't understand business

Arch-socialist scumbag Margaret Thatcher almost wiped out the middle class with her total misunderstanding of business. But then should we expect anything other from these socialist toffs?

And things don't seem to have changed.

From today's AOL a quote from George Osborne, socialist.

Fuel duty would be slashed to help hard-pressed families deal with soaring prices, under radical Tory plans.

Shadow chancellor George Osborne promised to link tax levels to oil prices, so the Government "shared the pain" of hikes.
If the measures had been implemented at the last Budget duty would currently be 5p lower - easing the impact on motorists at the pumps.

Speaking on BBC1's Andrew Marr programme, Mr Osborne described the system as a "fair fuel stabiliser".

"At the moment fuel duty goes up even when the price of oil goes up," he said. "So instead of Government helping you with the rising cost of living, they are actually adding to it. The Government revenue flows in because the price of oil goes up."

Oh dear! In reality the purchase of fuel has DECREASED by 20% over the last month or so, severely denting government revenues from fuel duty. So as the price of fuel goes up revenues DECREASE! This is just common sense, but toff Osborne doesn't seem to understand it. Don't give up the day job George - your understanding of economics seems to be as vague as that of your namesake George Monbiot!
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