Saturday, December 11, 2010

the war on bullshit

Yes, this blog gets a new name yet again, but I reckon this will be the last one!

There is a theme in most of what I write, and pretty much a life theme too. I HATE bullshit. Whether it's lying christians, multi-level-marketing, meat eaters, politicians, socialists, Ufologists, cowards, racists, smokers, the BNP and a horde of other morons, I'm sick of them all. And from now on this site will attack every bit of bullshit I come across, whether in real life or on the news.

So use it. I'll try to post every day, I promise. Have stuff on students, multi-level-marketing and 'Chrsitmas' in the pipeline. Please feel free to comment!
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Monday, November 01, 2010

the wisdom of students ...

This is a true story. You won't believe me but it's no less true for that!

University Plymouth, this week. Question by lecturer - 'Who believes in global warming'. A sea of hands obviously goes up. But just to be naughty he then asks 'Who doesn't believe in global warming?' A few hands go UP!

Now remember, these are students - they are supposed to be reasonably informed and intelligent. And they are on a travel and tourism course, one of the areas already affected by global warming. WTF??

A simple fact - you can't 'believe' or 'not believe' in global warming. Global warming is happening. Climate change happens nearly all the time. Nobody disputes it. All scientists agree it is happening. So you can't 'believe' or 'not believe' it - it's a simple, recordable, scientifically proven FACT.

Where there's dispute is in the level of global warming caused by human action. Common sense suggests, and scientific records prove, that as carbon dioxide increases so do global temperatures. But the earth circles the sun in an orbit that changes over long periods of time. Movement of continents also change ocean currents. Volcanic activity can drop the temperature, pollution can mask levels of temperature rises. How much climate change is caused by human activity? That's the question.

What's scary is that despite the facts a proportion of even educated people haven't got it. I know it's not nice having to deal with it, and their lives will be a lot harder than ours were, but hiding from it won't make it go away. Idiots.
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Sunday, October 31, 2010


Halloween is the most important time of the year for Pagans, even more so than Yule. We had a huge party here last night and have had a procession of trick or treaters this evening. This is becoming a big thing even for non-Pagans. It is of course our New Year's Eve too.

Bristol's the gateway to the most Pagan part of the UK but even here there's still a vestigal christian influence, trying to ruin everything British as usual. The Bristol Evening Post actually had a poster to put in your window saying 'Trick or Treat NOT welcome here'. Total twats. They did redeem themselves a little by running a spoof letter from 'Vic Veritas' (obviously a Pagan!) saying that kids dressing up are flirting with satanism (despite 'Satan' being a christian, NEVER a Pagan god) and that children should instead dress as saints LOL!
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

battle of the blands

Most people live life at 10% of capacity. Everything they do is a shadow of reality. They never get out of their comfort zone, and they are rewarded accordingly.

You only live an infinite number of times. Why waste a single second of a single life?

Why do people accept the shit that's thrown at them? Why do they listen to crap music, eat bland food, drink Fosters, go to boring places on holiday, stay in crap jobs, stick in boring relationships, vote socialist, watch soap operas, just waste time? I don't get it - especially from the christian and atheist 'one-lifers'? If they think this is all they'll ever be why don't they just go for it? What exactly have they got to lose??

Ahhh ... come to our Hallowe'en party and see what REAL life's like!!
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Friday, October 15, 2010

the dying gasps of thatcherism

A consumerist socialist paradise was what arch-twat Margaret Thatcher promised us in the 80s. Nobody had to work, we'd all have enough money for drink and the future would be just like the present. Nobody would need to think. We'd finally be one huge flock of sheep, and scum like her would lord it over all of us.

But it depended on a certain amount of economic activity. Not real work of course, that built communities and gave people individual power. Socialists like Thatcher hated both, they were a threat to her.

A lot of my readers weren't even born when this vile pointless sow ruined the country. Ignoring reality she fell deeper and deeper into her utopian socialist fantasy and tried to bring us down with her.

Soon Idiot Blair was singing from the same hymn sheet, treating us all as stupid and expendable. He quite sincerely set the start of the new millennium as 1 January 2000 (01/01/00) rather than the genuine date of 1 January 2001 (01/01/01) becuase we wouldn't understand that!!

Easy credit and an engineered house price bubble kept us quiet, made us think we were better off than we were. Decline set in everywhere, but we felt we'd never had it so good.

Thatcherism taught us all that we didn't need to work. My Thatcher years were spent signing on through the winter and then spending the summers in the south of France and the Swiss Alps. I doubt my life was a lot different from most peoples. Of course Thatcherism taught us all the little tricks that keep the tax-free income coming in. Poll Tax taught us that we could comfortably avoid paying tax - did you ever meet anyone that had actually paid it?

Then bastard son Tony Blair kept at it, telling people to go to uni to learn stuff that may have been useful in the twentieth century but would be meaningless in an energy-poor twenty first.

A load of wankers ... and they're still at it.

But at last the world is catching up. Soon there'll be big cuts. Everyone will have to actually search for productive work, real work, making things, offering real services, building real communities. Dole money, sickness benefit, pensions, all will wither and die. You'll save for a house, and much more. You'll travel on foot, bike, horse, tram and train. The roads will crumble and be converted to footpaths, bridleways, cycleways and tramways. Culture will be more locally based. Business will be real, capitalist enterprises, not subsidy junkie jokes, wasting resources, there just to 'employ' people.

Soon Thatcher herself will be dead, and after the celebrations we'll all be getting down to work.
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

cassandra time ...

From the excellent Whiskey and Gunpowder people ...

How to Survive and Thrive in the Age of Turmoil

I was in Paris recently, in a park near the Louvre museum enjoying a lazy summer day. I wasn’t the only one with such a great idea, there were probably a few hundred others enjoying the sunshine — children playing football, kissing lovers entwined on the grass, businessmen on a lunch break…

You can imagine my surprise when I looked up and saw a squad of French infantry troops on patrol through the park, brandishing assault rifles at the ‘ready’ (essentially holding the weapon in a fire position with index finger over the trigger).

The only thing missing to complete the picture would have been Taliban forces and the Afghan countryside.I was shocked at the display, wondering what possible threat could necessitate sending infantry troops through one of the world’s most peaceful city parks. Even more, though, I was shocked that no one else seemed to be shocked.

This sort of security charade has become commonplace. Ridiculous and unnecessary shows of force are simply accepted in today’s world; our governments blame faceless, conceptual enemies like ‘terrorism’ and have convinced everyone that such measures are for the common good.

Think about it — when taking public transportation or patronizing public buildings, how many times do you see signs or hear announcements that start with, “Ladies and gentlemen, for the safety and security of all passengers…”

This wasn’t the case 10-years ago. If French troops went marching through Paris in 2000, the whole city would have gone nuts. In fact, consider many of the other ways that the world has changed so drastically over the past 10-years:

The endless War on Terror and the rise of police states around the world

Elimination of any semblance of financial privacy

The bursting of four major bubbles — stocks, credit, derivatives, property

Developing nations’ increasing economic dominance

The end of America’s economic and diplomatic primacy

The greatest global economic decline since the Industrial Revolution

Rising world population coupled with food and water shortages

Loss of confidence in major institutions: government, banks, corporations

The growing, addict-like social dependency on technology

Central planning in the world’s most “free” economies Lying there on the grass in Paris hoping to not get clipped by a negligent discharge, I started thinking about the boiling frog.

The allegory illustrates that when you throw a frog in a pot of boiling water, he immediately senses danger and jumps out. When you put him in cool water and slowly bring it to boil, the frog won’t sense danger until it’s too late.

The changes over any decade are remarkable, but what’s happening now is vastly different. In the next ten years through this period of dramatic change, your country, your business, your neighborhood will look nothing like they do today.

In the past, the world ran on a system of endless debt and consumption; everyone played a part. Students would rack up huge debt at university and in turn enslave themselves immediately to corporate jobs in order to service the debt.

Social reinforcement was a powerful mechanism, encouraging people to indebt themselves further through mortgages, car loans, and credit cards. Conspicuous consumption became a social tradition, and corporate profits surged as people filled their McMansion garages with useless imported trinkets.

For those who got in early and played by the rules, the system was very generous. In exchange for unwavering trust in the system and continued indebtedness, people were rewarded with large salaries, excellent standards of living, soaring investment returns, home price appreciation, health benefits, and generous retirement plans.

In fact, the baby boomer generation, which rode the bulk of this tide, is the most prosperous generation to have ever existed in the history of the world.

Little by little, though, this system has been changing. We have spent decades living in a period of unsustainable fiscal irresponsibility. The crisis is accelerating and the consequences are now being realized.

These economic consequences will drive future political decisions, geopolitical tensions, social stability, demographics, crime rates, resource availability, immigration policy, police activity.

They will even affect the reliability of our infrastructure, utility grids, and food transportation networks, leading to a significant reduction in standard of living for hundreds of millions of people.

Undoubtedly, we have entered what I consider to be the Age of Turmoil — a time that is marked by exceptionally rapid change and fluctuating crises.

Many people will resist the change and instead cling desperately to the old system — the cycle of debt and consumption that provided jobs, stability, and prosperity. These people will have their lives turned upside down because that system is gone forever.

The game as we know it is being reset, and the new rules have not yet been written. For those who are well prepared, this is a time not of fear, but of once in a century opportunity. During this rough period, the die shall be cast for generations. Fortunately, we can see what’s coming and there is still a bit of time to act.

The action required is the same as always - get hold of gold and silver, buy land, buy seeds and hand tools, reorientate your life so you don't depend on others, learn good, solid skills that will be needed in the future - carpentry, plumbing, building, tram driving, teaching, nursing etc. And become useful to your community. Anything less and you may well be signing your own death warrant.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

china twats

China should be proud that one of its own has just received a Nobel Prize. So do they fete him, push him towards the world's press, shower him with awards, make him an ambassador for their country?

No, these communist twats JAILED him. For eleven years!! For advocating democracy.

And they even had the gall to suggest to the Nobel prize committee that he shouldn't be honoured.

For fuck's sake!

I'll be skipping sweet and sour this week in protest ...
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Friday, July 30, 2010

moscow tops 38 degrees - C!

The heatwave in Russia and Finland has broken many records. Both Finland and Moscow have broken their all time temperature records, and this heatwave has been going on for a month.

Back in February Bristol had a cold snap with plenty of snow.

This local weather event, hardly unusual for February, brought out a magnificent rant from 'John of Whitchurch' who very boldly asserted that because it was snowing (in February) there couldn't be global warming!

So where is John of Whitchurch now? Surely the heatwave in Russia just as obviously proves the existence of global warming as the cold snap in the UK disproved it? Or does he have different parameters when things go against him?

Frankly, the man is a twat. NOBODY claims that global warming isn't happening, the only argument is that it is difficult to ascertain how much of it is due to human activity. And the point of global warming is in the name - GLOBAL warming. Local weather events mean nothing, it's the global mean temperature (which nobody disputes is rising) that is the important thing.

So is the heatwave in Russia and Finland proof of global warming? Or course not, no single weather event proves anything - except that John of Whitchurch is a left wing wanker supreme!
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

good news

Our new government is starting to take shape and it's nice to see a breath of fresh air breezing through politics. Governments of any hue start to go stale after about 6 or 7 years and the last crew were looking very shabby and decadent. Nothing like the hopelessness of the Thatcher era of course - those governments were degenerate rather than decadent and were stale from day one!

So it's shaping up that the tory part of the coalition will be handling the economy and the liberal part will be dealing with dismantling the disgusting authoritarian state Labour left us with.

In my view Labour lost because it was reverting to the mean - idiotic unions were causing trouble for no reason, the authoritarian streak (ID cards, 'terrorism' etc) was winning the battle, money was being borrowed and 'created' in a desperate attempt to keep their natural constituency - consumerist chavs - in tat. It had to fall.

With a coalition the hope is that the two elements will continually challenge and refresh each other, stopping this reversion to the mean - very mean in the tories' case!

All it now needs is a HUGE dose of reality, Green reality, to inform these two pillars of new politics. Get kids out of the classrooms and into the fields and farms for at least half the time, start closing roads and building railways, switch from hydrocarbons to renewables, stop net immigration, encourage small businesses and co-operatives, bring the soldiers back home and localise politics whilst winding down globalisation.
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Sunday, May 16, 2010

create centre

A few weeks ago we took a trip on the train along the harbourside and ended up at the Create Centre. This weekend we visited the centre itself and were very impressed. Bristol should be very proud of this innovative and forward looking venue. As well as an eco house (which made us somewhat jealous from our Hartcliffe council house perspective) there are exhibitions and a nice cafe. It's accessible by bike and train (and even by the old fashioned 'car') and gives us all a glimpse as how we are going to live once the oil runs out. Great stuff!
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Saturday, May 08, 2010

phoenix rising

After years of lingering around doing nothing the characters made famous in the 80s through Oh Cracky! comic are springing back to life via Facebook. Best known in Sussex, around Newcastle and Leysin, Switerland they ae now offering themselves to a whole new audience.

Join the Facebook group today!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

election time!

Big day tomorrow. Unusually after years of certain Labour victories this one's wide open. Obviously the tories are irrelevant, especially in the SW, and I've always had a healthy and natural revulsion of Labour, being brought up in a fiercely Labour household, like all Sussex folk.

I've been a member of the Green Party, Wessex Regionalists and SNP over the years. None of them were quite what I was after. I'm naturally Green but detest with a passion the left wing scum that have infiltrated and altered the party so that it is no longer a genuinely Green party, but a far left wing party with some patronising semi-green policies.

So tomorrow I'll be voting Lib-Dem for two reasons. Firstly they have a genuine chance of kicking out the vile sow Dawn Primarolo who currently serves as MP for South Bristol. Secondly if they do hold the balance of power, or even win outright, nationally, then there's a very good chance that PR will be pushed through. This will be the most important move forward in British politics since the Norman Conquest. Once PR's in there will be a huge resurgence in British politics as suddenly EVERY vote will be worth something.

As always I'll be doing an all-nighter tomorrow, with canapes and drinks, watching Labour squirm, the Tories fall short of an overall majority, election of the first Green MP in Brighton and a big swing to the Lib Dems. This will set us up nicely for the autumn 2010 election ...
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Monday, May 03, 2010

towards sustainablility

A new organisation set up in Bristol is Shift Bristol, which offers practical advice on sustainable living.

After the latest bombshell from the US Military we're ALL going to need this!!
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Sunday, May 02, 2010

steam in bristol

A real treat in Bristol, and perhaps not as publicised as it should be, is the Bristol Harbour Railway. This runs from the SS Great Britain, along the harbourside for about 400 metres, then reverses and runs alongside the river to the Create Centre.

This is an unusual railway with some street running and open carriages for passengers which gives a much more intimate ride than your average steam railway. It is also very accessible for the same reasons.

It's not open every weekend, but check the timetable and if it is running please take a trip - you won't regret it!
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Saturday, May 01, 2010


A rather perverse argument used by guilty meat eaters is the 'if we didn't eat meat there'd be no cute farm animals'. Tossers.

This lamb lives at the Hartcliffe Community Farm. Her twin died shortly after being born, but she's flourishing and will soon join her mum, and the rest of the sheep, up on the hillside. She'll never go to the abbatoir, or the butchers, or end up on some sad hippy's plate. The farm just about supports itself, and may well become a model in the post oil era. The animals are pretty much able to wander at will at the farm, and it's great seeing the kids touching them, and sometimes getting bitten by them - it's all part of the skills and knowledge they'll need in a supermarket-free future.

Farms in the future will need to be both 100% organic and 100% arable. Farm land is too valuable to waste energy converting grain to meat, and as oil-based fertilizers first rise in price astronomically, then vanish altogether, they will all need to switch to organic farming methods. Of course farm animals will have a role in the future - sheep for wool and milk, pigs for manure, ducks, geese and hens for eggs, horses for farm work, goats for milk etc. But the mad waste of energy and the pure nastiness and unhealthyness of a meat diet will ensure that modern farms will do the right thing and stop exploiting animals and mistreating them. And as for the current crop of farmers? y Destined for the scrapheap, unless they can keep ahead and change their ways.
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Friday, April 30, 2010

the scum is coming home to roost

The south of the USA is poised for a huge environmental disaster in the shape of a state-sized oil slick that has spilled out of a dead oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico.
We need to wean ourselves off oil NOW! It's running out in any case and only the countries that start decoupling from this muck will survive in the 21st century. Why the USA persists in exploiting this filth is a mystery to me - Saint Obama is even planning MORE offshore oil rigs. Is everyone in the USA a cretin or are they so nihilistic that they just don't care?
Over the next few weeks we're going to see nasty images of oiled seabirds and worse - totally innocent victims of moronic humanity's need to cling on to the past.
If any good comes from this it can only be the realisation that the price of oil - both morally and economically - will soon be out of our reach.
The disastrous Green Party needs to drop their idiotic worship of 'Climate Change' and start to realign their policies to deal with the real threat - Peak Oil. All UK parties need to clearly identify the need to switch from oil to sustainable energy sources over the next ten years. At the moment only the BNP are even talking about it!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

plan b

I absolutely love the new Plan B album, but I find it pretty odd that suddenly everyone knows him! I saw him live a couple of years ago in Bristol, and 'Who Needs Actions When You've Got Words' was always playing somewhere in the background. He followed that with the bootleg 'Paint it Blacker' (we've got a signed copy) which had some great tracks on. Now he's gone and totally reinvented himself and reveals he's probably got the best white soul voice since Dusty Springfield.

So once again Plan B is everywhere. This will definitely be THE sound of the summer!
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

earth day - and political upheaval

It's Earth Day but Bristol's more caught up with the goings on at the Arnolfini, where the bland and identical 'leaders' of three of Britain's least relevant political parties are going to chat for an hour or so.

A carefully hand-picked audience will fire bland, unimportant questions at the three non-entities, and probably pop over the other side of water for something to eat and drink afterwards.

What galls me is the way that here, in the heart of OUR city, police are walking around with sub-machine guns. It's not what life's about and it shouldn't be allowed. This is Britain, not bloody downtown Baghdad, and this sort of macho, 1950s posing makes me sick.

So I'll be glad when this little jaunt is over and Bristol, and Britain, can get on with the things that matter in life.
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

naturism on bristol's doorstep

Ridgewood is the closest naturist site to Bristol and we've been members for about three years now. This is the recently created garden feature by the patio.

Overall look at the site with the small pool in the background.

Our very own 'chalet' in the grounds, close to the trampoline and miniten court.

What happens when a deer takes a liking to your Christmas tree!

Naturists are probably the coolest people on the planet. And Ridgy is probably one of the coolest sites of all - and all on Bristol's doorstep. It is a bit basic, and that's part of its charm, but we have big plans for the coming years. The land is now held in perpetuity for naturism by the limited company we set up last year, so is totally secure. There are even a few places available this year - if you're a naturist or want to give it a try please look at the website for more details.
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