Wednesday, April 21, 2010

naturism on bristol's doorstep

Ridgewood is the closest naturist site to Bristol and we've been members for about three years now. This is the recently created garden feature by the patio.

Overall look at the site with the small pool in the background.

Our very own 'chalet' in the grounds, close to the trampoline and miniten court.

What happens when a deer takes a liking to your Christmas tree!

Naturists are probably the coolest people on the planet. And Ridgy is probably one of the coolest sites of all - and all on Bristol's doorstep. It is a bit basic, and that's part of its charm, but we have big plans for the coming years. The land is now held in perpetuity for naturism by the limited company we set up last year, so is totally secure. There are even a few places available this year - if you're a naturist or want to give it a try please look at the website for more details.
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