Thursday, December 24, 2009

Disney's A Christmas Carol

Last night we watched the 1951 Alistair Sim Scrooge. Tonight we did our traditional trip to the pictures and watched the Disney version, featuring cartoons.

It really is a very good film. Americanisms hardly enter at all. Some of the camera angles are fantastic. I love the way the characters actually have the facial features of the actors voicing them.

Dickens is one of Britain's few genius writers. He was the Jim Morrison of his age, being both critically and popularly acclaimed, a master of his art. And A Christmas Carol is one of his best works. It's been done many times and will probably be done many times again.

Go on then, have a great Christmas/Yule!
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Sunday, December 20, 2009

newes 10.11.90 - 20.12.09

We had to have Newes put to sleep today. She'd made it to 19 so had done very well but over the last couple of weeks she'd become very frail and by yesterday could hardly walk, and was looking very sorry for herself.

She'd adopted me from the start, and I'd always wanted a black cat. My first sight of her was with her four sisters in a bread tray in a very cold Leadhills back in 1990. She used to chase me around the kitchen.

When I moved back to England I had to take the five cats in various carriers, with Newes in a cardboard box. She escaped within ten miles and spent the next four hundred miles sitting on my lap! She's had a great and varied life, living in the hills of Scotland, down on the south coast, up in the hills again at Horningsham and finally in Bristol.

Bottom shot is her (background) going out in the snow in about March 1991. Her sister Pyewackett is in the foreground and is still going strong!

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A serious man

The latest Coen Brothers film is one of those where you're dropped into someone's life then drop out again at the end, not being 100% sure what you've seen but sure that you have seen something pretty brilliant. I picked up a bit of Yiddish and Hebrew, always a bonus. The film's set in 1967 and captures the atmosphere brilliantly. There are some excellent comic moments throughout the film and all the professionals are totally hopeless, so you do wonder whether the hanging ending, where Larry's doctor calls him in right away to discuss his x-rays is as ominous as it sounds. One of the ten best films of 2009.
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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

real action

Guerrilla Gardening

On Sunday 13th December the Transition Bath Food Group will be working on a piece of land in Lansdowne at the top of Park Street. Bring gloves, spades, forks, secateurs. We will start at 10.00 and work for a couple of hours to clear the land. Once this is done we will plant fruit bushes for anyone to harvest. This is one of the many steps we plan to take to plant edible food on spare land in and around Bath. Just turn up and join in. If you want to know more about where it is contact Lynn on 01225 426 039
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Monday, November 09, 2009

crumbling walls

(Berlin 1989)

It's now twenty years since the Berlin Wall came down. As far as I'm concerned this was the most important event in European history.

I visited Berlin in December 1989. The Wall was still there, East Germany still existed and try as I might I couldn't get through to the east as UK citizens could then only use Checkpoint Charlie. So there was still a touch of the old ways about. I stared through from West Berlin into East Berlin and the contrast was incredible.

I'd never doubted the superiority of capitalism over socialism but if I had done that moment would have set it in stone for me.

You probably notice my disdain of socialism on this site. I detest ANY system that deprives people of their freedom. I particularly detest those socialists that have tried to hijack the green movement. The two ideas couldn't be more different. I've had to attack Bristol Greens for letting this scum in. Given the chance these fuckers would build walls around all of us, keeping ideas and prosperity out.

Socialism will never return but the little nastinesses that so defined them will struggle on for some time yet. If you ever feel tempted by the ideas of these maniacs just remember the Berlin wall.
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Thursday, October 29, 2009


Poor Dignitas in Zurich are going to be very busy over the next few weeks.

Tens of thousands of postmen are about to commit suicide between now and Yule, under the whip of their union, the CWU.

To hear their fuhrer talk today about strike breakers was sickening. They are now targetting the brave casual workers who are being brought in to clear the backlog that the lazy fuckers have left. Of course the postmen want to do this work themselves - as OVERTIME!!

The management are being far too soft with their lazy soon-to-be ex-employees. Why not bring in 100,000 casual workers and sack ALL the postmen who have been striking? It may mean a few weeks of disruption as the newcomers learn the ropes, but will it be any worse than the disruption the idiot CWU are threatening.

What sickens me is the way the postmen have absolutely no pride in their work. They should be ashamed of themselves if even a single letter or parcel is held up. We, as consumers, should be able to claim every last penny lost to these morons, through the union funds and when they have all gone through the PO pension pot.

But of course the strike will soon start breaking down. Even the gormless postmen will realise that they ain't going to have any sort of Christmas if they keep losing pay. And I suspect that soon a few posties will be getting serious beatings from decent folk, once this starts actually affecting people.

And just think how many jobs this (in)action will lose - far more than any that will be lost to modernisation. So many businesses will discover the alternatives which are generally faster and cheaper than the PO that they will NEVER return to the post office.

This is the biggest mass suicide since Jonestown.
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Saturday, October 24, 2009

thick griffin - the end of a career

Britain's reality today - people of all races, all getting on. And Britain so much better for it.

Thick Griffin will NEVER get to this position. No charisma, no intelligence, no charm.

And when the BNP actively push a FOREIGN religion - christianity - their credibility suffers. They are NOT British.

SA Mann Brand would have kicked the shit out of Griffin.

So the BBC, despite the best efforts of the crypto-fascist left wing scum trying to prevent free speech, finally allowed Thick Griffin on Question Time. It was a master stroke - he was totally destroyed by the Isthmian Leaque intellectuals they wheeled out. Bonnie Greer picked him up, tickled his tummy, wound him up and put him back down, an empty husk.

And as for Thick bringing up Churchill - what a joke! Churchill is a prime example of the benefits of mixed blood. His American mother introduced lots of lovely non-British blood to him, including Sioux Indian. Of course Thick was too stupid to know this, and he walked straight into Bonnie's trap.

Right wing politics is NOT about race, but about creating a different world view opposed to the sickly, consumerist, non-heroic left wing one. We NEED a strong, genuinely right wing and obviously non-racist party. Perhaps the post-Thick Griffin BNP will become that party, who knows? They are scrapping the hilarious and self-defeating racist entry rules. Apparently half their membership is non-racist. There's something to work with.

And as for Griffin being a Nazi - that is an insult. Hitler was probably the most successful politician in history. The Nazi Party really did create a new world from the most unpromising beginnings. They brought in the world's first animal protection and environmental laws. They even attempted to outlaw smoking - how cool is that? They tried to create a genuine European political system drawing on Europe's folk roots, our Pagan heritage and a feeling of community first. They stupidly embraced racism which was the thing that destroyed them. But then I was brought up in a (Labour) racist household, and quickly learned how STUPID such ideas were.

As the environmental crisis deepens the left will fall apart and politics everywhere will take a right wing path. Not a racist path, there is no future in that. But borders will toughen up, consumerism will be a thing of the past and nations - probably nations far smaller than most of those that exist today - will build their own communities, with little regard to events happening outside of the nation state. Spectacle and community spirit and coolness will once again be part of the daily diet. We may even see the swastika flutter again over much of Europe, but it won't be a Thick Griffin sort of backwards-looking nationalism but that of a dynamic, inclusive and modernist sustainable national community state, more in keeping with National Socialism's original vegan, Pagan and libertarian ethos.

Thick Griffin would not even understand any of this.
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

BBC - shame of britain




Did you see that disgraceful BBC programme last night?

I still can't believe that such rubbish masquerading as journalism was actually broadcast.

The synopsis was - take two middle class British people with dark skin, plonk them into one of the tightest-knit working class areas of Bristol, get them wandering around with weird clothes on and acting stupid to the gangs of kids who, rightly, regard the streets as THEIR territory, and wait for sparks to fly. Inevitably some of the thicko kids reacted and threw stuff at the toffs.

Conclusion - working class people in tight-knit communities don't take kindly to middle class toffs goading them, all for entertainment.

BBC's conclusion - racism is rife in Bristol. All Bristolians get tarred with the same brush. A few hate sites are set up on Facebook and a few kids get a hiding from their parents for showing up the neighbourhood.

This was NOTHING to do with racism but everything to do with community. You have to live here and be part of the community for years before you are accepted. The residents think, quite rightly, that you need to prove yourself.

These whingeing toffs did everything they could to goad those kids, then ran to the police to tell tales. Two of the kids have been taken into community care. Does that make the BBC proud?

One of the named girls has four friends in common with Debs on Facebook. Turns out her mum died recently. There's nothing racist in her Facebook and Bebo pages.

But probably the very worst thing that this show did was to try to blame the BNP for all this. Absolute drivel! None of these kids would even know who the BNP were - they'd be considered just as much toffs and outsiders as the two reporters. We all know Thick Griffin is on Question Time this Thursday. The BBC are trying to stir up trouble, and they think we're too stupid to spot it.

I was brought up in Littlehampton which was and still is a scary place if you're not from there. Think the Falls and Shankhill in 1978, but with added knives.

I spent five years in Leadhills, a Scottish village up in the Lowther Hills south of Glasgow. There was real anti-English racism there, but once you'd been there a few years it went. People finally accepted you because you'd proved you had a link to the place.

These knobheads spent six weeks in Southmead. Six weeks!!

And if the luvvies at the BBC had picked on Hartcliffe rather than Southmead then no doubt they would have found the same feral and ignorant - but hardly racist and certainly not BNP - kids here. The story would have been the same.
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Thursday, October 15, 2009

going postal

So the idiot postmen and women are going on strike are they?

They are absolute scum and anyone striking or feigning illness next week should be immediately sacked with no compensation. The PO has to modernise to compete with couriers. Yet these communist scum are OPPOSED to modernisation.

It's ridiculous. We have mass unemployment. Their work hardly needs brains. At Yule even students work as postmen with a day or two's training. Sack them and send a message to other far left nostalgists that the world has changed forever.

Any postal worker that does strike next week should hang their head in shame, and be run out of their homes. They are morons.
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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

republican commies in the US - your time has passed

First they had Sarah Palin. Then George Bush showed us all that he was the biggest commie ever when he bailed out the banks and dinosaur car companies. Remember that many republicans even believe in 'god' and 'creationism'. These people ae SICK.

Then it all got wiped out by Obama, a hero of the right. He stands for all the things decent people believe in. Individual responsibility, business, education, culture, a decent society.

Today he gave a keynote speech to kids that they should stay at school and educate themselves. He warned that if they drop out they will end up as useless, commie, benefit SCUM.

So how do the republicans react? By claiming that this is spreading SOCIALISM!!!

We need to nuke every republican hippy on the planet, the same way we got rid of the commies. Republicans no doubt believe that kids should leave school at 11, read their bible (if they are indeed able to read), take drugs, smoke and claim their dole money every fortnight. Republicans are the last commies on earth, and should be culled. They want us all to be useless and pathetic.

If you are a republican and you've found this site - FUCK off and crawl under a stone with your benefits-claiming hippy christian commie scum friends. You are already dead. Sieg Heil.
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Thursday, September 03, 2009

barely believable

Over the last couple of days it's been all over the news.

'Giant oilfield discovered in the Gulf of Mexico!!!'

Shell shares go up 2% on the day. Peak Oil is over!

There was no mention of the size of this oilfield so I did some searching.

Amazingly this 'giant' oilfield, the saviour of globalisation and the rubbishing of Peak Oil is expected to produce - wait for it!!! - 600 million to 900 million barrels of oil. In other words, at current consumption rates (about 82 million barrels a day), 11 days worth!!

This says a lot about how deep the crisis is. That such a tiny and inconsequential find should set the markets alight and warrant 2nd or 3rd headline on the news shows how serious our situation is.

This is the biggest find this year. To keep the oil flowing we really need to make a discovery as large as this every fortnight ...
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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

the age of stupid!!

Last month, for the first time, more money was paid back in mortgages than paid out.

Unbelievably the BBC were reporting this as BAD news! This is the best economic news I've heard in months. It means that individuals and families are at last claiming their lives back, gaining control over their own economic future.

When will the BBC and other leftist snivellers realise the world has changed? That their wonderful proletarian equal socialist consumer hell is beginning to wind down? That the hold over normal people of these great social reformist bankers is beginning to fade, that the move towards strong local communities financed through hard work and thrift rather than borrowing is gaining pace every day.

The financial crises of 2007 were not only the death knell for globalisation but for consumer socialism too. We're gaining more freedom every day.
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Saturday, August 08, 2009

nobody does it better

We're constantly told that political parties are not taking the coming energy crunch seriously, but this is a quote from a leaflet pushed through our door last night.

Could any of us have said it better or clearer? Notice no mention of the current cover-up story of Climate Change.

You'll possibly be surprised that this is from a BNP leaflet. The rest of the leaflet was pure old Labour, but this caught my eye. It's interesting that the BNP are now active somewhere as remote (and white!) as Hartcliffe. This suggests their organisation is growing fast. This is probably the one part of the leaflet that will not particularly appeal to voters here. All the guff about British jobs for British workers, pulling out of the EU and nationalising everything probably will.

I suspect that as things get harder people in all countries will start adopting a more BNP approach to foreigners, that there will be attempts to pull up the drawbridge. I'd been arguing for this for years in the Green Party but they are even more old Labour than the BNP so it fell on deaf ears. Nothing to do with racism of course, but everything to do with protecting the people (of ALL colours) who were already here.

There'll never be a BNP government of course, but more and more politicians will begin to see the drawbridge approach in a shrinking economy as a sensible move. The biggest danger is if the BNP lift their ban on 'non-indigenous' people joining the party, and we get lumbered with more unworkable old Labour policies, but even New Labour are starting to do that!
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balloons over bristol

Early yesterday morning I was hauled out of bed at some unearthly hour to 'see the balloons'. It was almost worth it! Then yesterday evening at a friend's house in north Bristol we saw more balloons.

Now here's a form of transport that may survive Peak Oil. It existed well before oil was discovered so it's pretty odds on that they will survive the post-oil period. So even in fifty years time a few favoured people will get to see what the Earth looks like from the sky.
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

social history

Digital photography should mean that these early years of the 21st century should be incredibly well recorded. 20 or 30 years ago I used to take photos whenever I could but it wasn't cheap and nowhere near as easy as today. It did have the plus side that I've got hard copy (including negatives) of everything and, because of the cost, most photos were worth having!

But look at the average photo today. Kids tend to fill the screen when they take a shot, usually posing. There's none or very little background. All this info will be lost. Most of the images will not survive. Many that do will have no interest to anybody.

I always used to try to set my family shots into a social history background. Even record shots were of the everyday, rather than the unusual. I also tried to catch atmosphere whenever I could.

At the time I had no idea what I'd do with these shots. But already they are historic. They trigger loads of memories on various Facebook groups and on Panoramio. I'm really glad I took them! And I've got a huge resource for blog posts!
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


That was a bloody long shopping trip!

This is a bit of a catch up. Yes, I voted for Ricky in the end, but he still didn't get in. Instead we're stuck with 6 irrelevancies in the south west, but at least there's no Labour member!

We've had a ridiculous strike here over the last few weeks with binmen striking for a pay RISE. In the end they actually got it, though why nobody knows. We made the local papers with our own strike back at the hippies, creating a huge pile of rubbish outside our houses, then contacting the papers. It was cleared the next day - local initiative or what?

Now the tube drivers in London are striking for an obscene 5% RISE. These fuckers START on £40,000 a year!! Who earns that sort of money?? So the roads are blocked, we're wasting yet more fuel (petrol/diesel rather than electric) and yet more inefficiency gets built into this dying system.

Over everything hangs that 'one-eyed Welsh idiot', Nick Griffin. For all his party's daft 1960s racial drivel, they have been elected on a fair vote. So what makes the far-left unwashed scum think they have the right to chase him off? Their disgraceful display yesterday was probably the biggest recruiting tool the BNP now have in their armoury. And who were the fuckers behind it? Those crypto-fascist scum, UNITE. The very same union that earlier this year staged racist wildcat strikes at various sites in the UK with their Love Thy Neighbour cry of 'British Jobs for British Workers' (now cleverly purloined by the BNP) - and, amazingly, were also behind the idiot binmen strike in Bristol.

Thanks Nick for flushing out the true enemies of democracy. Once the BNP drops its ridiculous rule that black Brits can't join - and it will - they will become a GENUINE alternative to the establishment backwards-looking parties who now infest us.
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


It's the European elections next Thursday.

It's left me in rather a dilemma. Unusually I actually know one of the candidates quite well. Ricky Knight (above) would be my obvious choice I suppose. But he's being trodden on by his stupid party. The Green Party has changed completely from when I joined it in the 1980s. It was a genuinely radical party, interested in individual freedom, small scale business and solving the climate crisis. It's no longer any of these things. It has been TOTALLY infiltrated by left wing scum fleeing from old Labour and even more sinister 'parties'. It is dying from within. It is not prepared to face genuine challenges such as increasing population, immigration and the destruction of personal liberty. And why should it? As a left wing party it is now supporting the class struggle, poverty and centralisation. It has even done deals with the vile 'Respect' 'Party' in Bristol, carving up seats, clearly believing that they are targetting the same loser lefty demographic. I HATE losers. I HATE benefit scroungers, whingers, parasites and people who are in a position of power because of family connections (royal family scum) or nepotism (everywhere). We need to live in a complete meritiocracy.

(More to follow - I'm off shopping ...)
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