Tuesday, September 01, 2009

the age of stupid!!

Last month, for the first time, more money was paid back in mortgages than paid out.

Unbelievably the BBC were reporting this as BAD news! This is the best economic news I've heard in months. It means that individuals and families are at last claiming their lives back, gaining control over their own economic future.

When will the BBC and other leftist snivellers realise the world has changed? That their wonderful proletarian equal socialist consumer hell is beginning to wind down? That the hold over normal people of these great social reformist bankers is beginning to fade, that the move towards strong local communities financed through hard work and thrift rather than borrowing is gaining pace every day.

The financial crises of 2007 were not only the death knell for globalisation but for consumer socialism too. We're gaining more freedom every day.
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