Tuesday, August 21, 2007

plane er... stupid

Oh dear. Leftist environmentalists (there's an impossibility for you!) are bleating that by 2050 pollution from air travel alone will exceed that from everything at the moment. This was one of the arguments behind the Climate Change Camp. It's also plain stupid - even the most die-hard air fan goes blank when you ask them what planes will use for fuel when the oil runs out. Most 'environmentalists' dodge the issue, in the same way that they avoid talking about Peak Oil. Peak Oil's damaging for their careers you see. It makes all their hard work combatting climate change look like a waste of time as all the things they want to happen WILL happen as the oil runs out. Transport will all switch to rail, planes will be grounded, roads will empty. Peak Oil's the issue, Climate Change (though dangerous for other reasons) is not really what it's all about. The 'environmentalists'' energies are being wasted trying to make something happen that's going to happen anyway. That's the middle-class for you! The real battle is to find a way out of the Peak Oil crunch, changing local societies so that they can operate without cheap oil. Climate Change will be devastating and in the long term probably more dangerous than Peak Oil, but it will begin to temper (if unstoppable positive feedbacks haven't kicked in) once the oil dries up and the coal runs out.
This is the challenge. To stop positive feedback loops kicking in (probably already too late) and to develop carbon-free local economies. All the rest is, in the words of Arthur Seaton, propaganda ....

Sunday, August 12, 2007

smash the hippy scum

The hippies in BA and their leftist chums tried to stop the camp but have failed miserably - it's actually started two days early!
The idea that air travel - which any economist will tell you has 20 years at most left - could be EXPANDED is absolute lunacy, Peak Oil and Climate Change denial at its most extreme. We cannot let the hippies and their communist chums in BA etc destroy the world in their panic.
So if you get the chance go along. More details here.