Tuesday, September 08, 2009

republican commies in the US - your time has passed

First they had Sarah Palin. Then George Bush showed us all that he was the biggest commie ever when he bailed out the banks and dinosaur car companies. Remember that many republicans even believe in 'god' and 'creationism'. These people ae SICK.

Then it all got wiped out by Obama, a hero of the right. He stands for all the things decent people believe in. Individual responsibility, business, education, culture, a decent society.

Today he gave a keynote speech to kids that they should stay at school and educate themselves. He warned that if they drop out they will end up as useless, commie, benefit SCUM.

So how do the republicans react? By claiming that this is spreading SOCIALISM!!!

We need to nuke every republican hippy on the planet, the same way we got rid of the commies. Republicans no doubt believe that kids should leave school at 11, read their bible (if they are indeed able to read), take drugs, smoke and claim their dole money every fortnight. Republicans are the last commies on earth, and should be culled. They want us all to be useless and pathetic.

If you are a republican and you've found this site - FUCK off and crawl under a stone with your benefits-claiming hippy christian commie scum friends. You are already dead. Sieg Heil.
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