Saturday, October 24, 2009

thick griffin - the end of a career

Britain's reality today - people of all races, all getting on. And Britain so much better for it.

Thick Griffin will NEVER get to this position. No charisma, no intelligence, no charm.

And when the BNP actively push a FOREIGN religion - christianity - their credibility suffers. They are NOT British.

SA Mann Brand would have kicked the shit out of Griffin.

So the BBC, despite the best efforts of the crypto-fascist left wing scum trying to prevent free speech, finally allowed Thick Griffin on Question Time. It was a master stroke - he was totally destroyed by the Isthmian Leaque intellectuals they wheeled out. Bonnie Greer picked him up, tickled his tummy, wound him up and put him back down, an empty husk.

And as for Thick bringing up Churchill - what a joke! Churchill is a prime example of the benefits of mixed blood. His American mother introduced lots of lovely non-British blood to him, including Sioux Indian. Of course Thick was too stupid to know this, and he walked straight into Bonnie's trap.

Right wing politics is NOT about race, but about creating a different world view opposed to the sickly, consumerist, non-heroic left wing one. We NEED a strong, genuinely right wing and obviously non-racist party. Perhaps the post-Thick Griffin BNP will become that party, who knows? They are scrapping the hilarious and self-defeating racist entry rules. Apparently half their membership is non-racist. There's something to work with.

And as for Griffin being a Nazi - that is an insult. Hitler was probably the most successful politician in history. The Nazi Party really did create a new world from the most unpromising beginnings. They brought in the world's first animal protection and environmental laws. They even attempted to outlaw smoking - how cool is that? They tried to create a genuine European political system drawing on Europe's folk roots, our Pagan heritage and a feeling of community first. They stupidly embraced racism which was the thing that destroyed them. But then I was brought up in a (Labour) racist household, and quickly learned how STUPID such ideas were.

As the environmental crisis deepens the left will fall apart and politics everywhere will take a right wing path. Not a racist path, there is no future in that. But borders will toughen up, consumerism will be a thing of the past and nations - probably nations far smaller than most of those that exist today - will build their own communities, with little regard to events happening outside of the nation state. Spectacle and community spirit and coolness will once again be part of the daily diet. We may even see the swastika flutter again over much of Europe, but it won't be a Thick Griffin sort of backwards-looking nationalism but that of a dynamic, inclusive and modernist sustainable national community state, more in keeping with National Socialism's original vegan, Pagan and libertarian ethos.

Thick Griffin would not even understand any of this.
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