Tuesday, October 20, 2009

BBC - shame of britain




Did you see that disgraceful BBC programme last night?

I still can't believe that such rubbish masquerading as journalism was actually broadcast.

The synopsis was - take two middle class British people with dark skin, plonk them into one of the tightest-knit working class areas of Bristol, get them wandering around with weird clothes on and acting stupid to the gangs of kids who, rightly, regard the streets as THEIR territory, and wait for sparks to fly. Inevitably some of the thicko kids reacted and threw stuff at the toffs.

Conclusion - working class people in tight-knit communities don't take kindly to middle class toffs goading them, all for entertainment.

BBC's conclusion - racism is rife in Bristol. All Bristolians get tarred with the same brush. A few hate sites are set up on Facebook and a few kids get a hiding from their parents for showing up the neighbourhood.

This was NOTHING to do with racism but everything to do with community. You have to live here and be part of the community for years before you are accepted. The residents think, quite rightly, that you need to prove yourself.

These whingeing toffs did everything they could to goad those kids, then ran to the police to tell tales. Two of the kids have been taken into community care. Does that make the BBC proud?

One of the named girls has four friends in common with Debs on Facebook. Turns out her mum died recently. There's nothing racist in her Facebook and Bebo pages.

But probably the very worst thing that this show did was to try to blame the BNP for all this. Absolute drivel! None of these kids would even know who the BNP were - they'd be considered just as much toffs and outsiders as the two reporters. We all know Thick Griffin is on Question Time this Thursday. The BBC are trying to stir up trouble, and they think we're too stupid to spot it.

I was brought up in Littlehampton which was and still is a scary place if you're not from there. Think the Falls and Shankhill in 1978, but with added knives.

I spent five years in Leadhills, a Scottish village up in the Lowther Hills south of Glasgow. There was real anti-English racism there, but once you'd been there a few years it went. People finally accepted you because you'd proved you had a link to the place.

These knobheads spent six weeks in Southmead. Six weeks!!

And if the luvvies at the BBC had picked on Hartcliffe rather than Southmead then no doubt they would have found the same feral and ignorant - but hardly racist and certainly not BNP - kids here. The story would have been the same.
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