Thursday, October 29, 2009


Poor Dignitas in Zurich are going to be very busy over the next few weeks.

Tens of thousands of postmen are about to commit suicide between now and Yule, under the whip of their union, the CWU.

To hear their fuhrer talk today about strike breakers was sickening. They are now targetting the brave casual workers who are being brought in to clear the backlog that the lazy fuckers have left. Of course the postmen want to do this work themselves - as OVERTIME!!

The management are being far too soft with their lazy soon-to-be ex-employees. Why not bring in 100,000 casual workers and sack ALL the postmen who have been striking? It may mean a few weeks of disruption as the newcomers learn the ropes, but will it be any worse than the disruption the idiot CWU are threatening.

What sickens me is the way the postmen have absolutely no pride in their work. They should be ashamed of themselves if even a single letter or parcel is held up. We, as consumers, should be able to claim every last penny lost to these morons, through the union funds and when they have all gone through the PO pension pot.

But of course the strike will soon start breaking down. Even the gormless postmen will realise that they ain't going to have any sort of Christmas if they keep losing pay. And I suspect that soon a few posties will be getting serious beatings from decent folk, once this starts actually affecting people.

And just think how many jobs this (in)action will lose - far more than any that will be lost to modernisation. So many businesses will discover the alternatives which are generally faster and cheaper than the PO that they will NEVER return to the post office.

This is the biggest mass suicide since Jonestown.
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