Tuesday, May 26, 2009


It's the European elections next Thursday.

It's left me in rather a dilemma. Unusually I actually know one of the candidates quite well. Ricky Knight (above) would be my obvious choice I suppose. But he's being trodden on by his stupid party. The Green Party has changed completely from when I joined it in the 1980s. It was a genuinely radical party, interested in individual freedom, small scale business and solving the climate crisis. It's no longer any of these things. It has been TOTALLY infiltrated by left wing scum fleeing from old Labour and even more sinister 'parties'. It is dying from within. It is not prepared to face genuine challenges such as increasing population, immigration and the destruction of personal liberty. And why should it? As a left wing party it is now supporting the class struggle, poverty and centralisation. It has even done deals with the vile 'Respect' 'Party' in Bristol, carving up seats, clearly believing that they are targetting the same loser lefty demographic. I HATE losers. I HATE benefit scroungers, whingers, parasites and people who are in a position of power because of family connections (royal family scum) or nepotism (everywhere). We need to live in a complete meritiocracy.

(More to follow - I'm off shopping ...)
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