Friday, April 16, 2010

feet on the ground

About the only thing moving through the air at the moment are the kids on theh Chairoplane at Bristol's Funderland.

We've now had two days without aeroplanes roaring overhead and isn't it brilliant? This is a glimpse into the future if ever there was one. The air industry is in serious decline with rising fuel costs, pig-headed 1970s style staff and a 7% fall in tourist traffic over the last year. Several airlines have already shut down. Continental is stopping all flights from Bristol from November. Airports are beginning to be under-utilised, and things will only get worse for them.

As the airlines falter, and as the climate continues to heat up, perhaps the British will finally realise that we don't need to go abroad for all the things we want from a holiday? We're having four holidays this year involving flying but I can't see us doing the same next year.
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