Friday, April 30, 2010

the scum is coming home to roost

The south of the USA is poised for a huge environmental disaster in the shape of a state-sized oil slick that has spilled out of a dead oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico.
We need to wean ourselves off oil NOW! It's running out in any case and only the countries that start decoupling from this muck will survive in the 21st century. Why the USA persists in exploiting this filth is a mystery to me - Saint Obama is even planning MORE offshore oil rigs. Is everyone in the USA a cretin or are they so nihilistic that they just don't care?
Over the next few weeks we're going to see nasty images of oiled seabirds and worse - totally innocent victims of moronic humanity's need to cling on to the past.
If any good comes from this it can only be the realisation that the price of oil - both morally and economically - will soon be out of our reach.
The disastrous Green Party needs to drop their idiotic worship of 'Climate Change' and start to realign their policies to deal with the real threat - Peak Oil. All UK parties need to clearly identify the need to switch from oil to sustainable energy sources over the next ten years. At the moment only the BNP are even talking about it!

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