Wednesday, May 05, 2010

election time!

Big day tomorrow. Unusually after years of certain Labour victories this one's wide open. Obviously the tories are irrelevant, especially in the SW, and I've always had a healthy and natural revulsion of Labour, being brought up in a fiercely Labour household, like all Sussex folk.

I've been a member of the Green Party, Wessex Regionalists and SNP over the years. None of them were quite what I was after. I'm naturally Green but detest with a passion the left wing scum that have infiltrated and altered the party so that it is no longer a genuinely Green party, but a far left wing party with some patronising semi-green policies.

So tomorrow I'll be voting Lib-Dem for two reasons. Firstly they have a genuine chance of kicking out the vile sow Dawn Primarolo who currently serves as MP for South Bristol. Secondly if they do hold the balance of power, or even win outright, nationally, then there's a very good chance that PR will be pushed through. This will be the most important move forward in British politics since the Norman Conquest. Once PR's in there will be a huge resurgence in British politics as suddenly EVERY vote will be worth something.

As always I'll be doing an all-nighter tomorrow, with canapes and drinks, watching Labour squirm, the Tories fall short of an overall majority, election of the first Green MP in Brighton and a big swing to the Lib Dems. This will set us up nicely for the autumn 2010 election ...
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