Friday, October 15, 2010

the dying gasps of thatcherism

A consumerist socialist paradise was what arch-twat Margaret Thatcher promised us in the 80s. Nobody had to work, we'd all have enough money for drink and the future would be just like the present. Nobody would need to think. We'd finally be one huge flock of sheep, and scum like her would lord it over all of us.

But it depended on a certain amount of economic activity. Not real work of course, that built communities and gave people individual power. Socialists like Thatcher hated both, they were a threat to her.

A lot of my readers weren't even born when this vile pointless sow ruined the country. Ignoring reality she fell deeper and deeper into her utopian socialist fantasy and tried to bring us down with her.

Soon Idiot Blair was singing from the same hymn sheet, treating us all as stupid and expendable. He quite sincerely set the start of the new millennium as 1 January 2000 (01/01/00) rather than the genuine date of 1 January 2001 (01/01/01) becuase we wouldn't understand that!!

Easy credit and an engineered house price bubble kept us quiet, made us think we were better off than we were. Decline set in everywhere, but we felt we'd never had it so good.

Thatcherism taught us all that we didn't need to work. My Thatcher years were spent signing on through the winter and then spending the summers in the south of France and the Swiss Alps. I doubt my life was a lot different from most peoples. Of course Thatcherism taught us all the little tricks that keep the tax-free income coming in. Poll Tax taught us that we could comfortably avoid paying tax - did you ever meet anyone that had actually paid it?

Then bastard son Tony Blair kept at it, telling people to go to uni to learn stuff that may have been useful in the twentieth century but would be meaningless in an energy-poor twenty first.

A load of wankers ... and they're still at it.

But at last the world is catching up. Soon there'll be big cuts. Everyone will have to actually search for productive work, real work, making things, offering real services, building real communities. Dole money, sickness benefit, pensions, all will wither and die. You'll save for a house, and much more. You'll travel on foot, bike, horse, tram and train. The roads will crumble and be converted to footpaths, bridleways, cycleways and tramways. Culture will be more locally based. Business will be real, capitalist enterprises, not subsidy junkie jokes, wasting resources, there just to 'employ' people.

Soon Thatcher herself will be dead, and after the celebrations we'll all be getting down to work.
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