Sunday, October 17, 2010

battle of the blands

Most people live life at 10% of capacity. Everything they do is a shadow of reality. They never get out of their comfort zone, and they are rewarded accordingly.

You only live an infinite number of times. Why waste a single second of a single life?

Why do people accept the shit that's thrown at them? Why do they listen to crap music, eat bland food, drink Fosters, go to boring places on holiday, stay in crap jobs, stick in boring relationships, vote socialist, watch soap operas, just waste time? I don't get it - especially from the christian and atheist 'one-lifers'? If they think this is all they'll ever be why don't they just go for it? What exactly have they got to lose??

Ahhh ... come to our Hallowe'en party and see what REAL life's like!!
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