Friday, July 30, 2010

moscow tops 38 degrees - C!

The heatwave in Russia and Finland has broken many records. Both Finland and Moscow have broken their all time temperature records, and this heatwave has been going on for a month.

Back in February Bristol had a cold snap with plenty of snow.

This local weather event, hardly unusual for February, brought out a magnificent rant from 'John of Whitchurch' who very boldly asserted that because it was snowing (in February) there couldn't be global warming!

So where is John of Whitchurch now? Surely the heatwave in Russia just as obviously proves the existence of global warming as the cold snap in the UK disproved it? Or does he have different parameters when things go against him?

Frankly, the man is a twat. NOBODY claims that global warming isn't happening, the only argument is that it is difficult to ascertain how much of it is due to human activity. And the point of global warming is in the name - GLOBAL warming. Local weather events mean nothing, it's the global mean temperature (which nobody disputes is rising) that is the important thing.

So is the heatwave in Russia and Finland proof of global warming? Or course not, no single weather event proves anything - except that John of Whitchurch is a left wing wanker supreme!
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