Thursday, October 06, 2011

teresa may - liar

What the fuck is Cameron thinking? Why did he let that droop-faced moron Teresa May LIE to the Tory conference? The sow cold bloodedly (and knowingly) lied that an immigrant had been allowed to stay in the UK because he HAD A CAT!!

This is a complete lie, and decent Kenneth Clarke attacked the old hag for it. And what's happened? Poor Ken has had to APOLOGISE to the old Isthmian League Thatcher for being a tad rude.

The simple fact is that when this person was asked to give examples of the strength of his relationship to a British woman he said that they owned a cat together. This, and other examples, were enough to convince the judge that his case was genuine. He was allowed to stay for that reason, not 'because he had a cat'.

Cameron should SACK this horrible old slut for blatantly lying to the party conference and for jumping on a bandwagon no doubt started by those idiots at the Daily Mail or some similar such rag.

Get some backbone Cameron, or you'll be finished. Start with this sow.

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Pandemonium said...

Well said. She's a waste of space and taxpayers money.