Friday, October 21, 2011

'too thick to fail' succeed - in closing st paul's!!

Hitler would have been proud of the 'Too Thick to Fail' zombies who are infesting the area outside St Paul's (because they're too scared to confront the city types). Their little gas stoves are a fire hazard, their tents are unhygienic, and they insist on using the font as a toilet.

They are so stupid it's beyond belief. They have a big banner screaming 'Capitalism is Crisis'. What the fuck? They can't even spell 'in' properly! This has NOTHING to do with capitalism, it's a crisis of socialism, namely governments who insist on intervening in the market to win votes by putting off the REAL economic crisis that will be riding the twin pigs of Peak Oil and the End of Growth.

I detest these little middle-class protestors who have all managed to get Friday off work (LOL!) They don't have a clue what they are protesting about. And I bet they all pop to Starbucks for their espressos and paninis.

I've done my share of protests. Raiding council meetings, monkeywrenching and of course the FANTASTIC Poll Tax demos that brought the sow Thatcher down. Now that WAS socialism at its worst, a flat rate tax on everyone, no doubt predating a flat rate of pay.

Zombies that have closed St Paul's - you are not the 99%. You are not even 1%. You are a tiny nano% of a tiny priveledged minority of chinless, posh, middle class off cuts that are embarrassing the rest of us. Go back to your detached homes ...

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