Saturday, July 22, 2006

towards a solar economy ...

We hear buzz-words such as 'hydrogen fuel cells', 'biofuels' or 'energy conservation', but none of this will help transform the world into a genuine solar economy.

Fossil fuels were part of the solar economy, but they are now in terminal decline. Using fossil fuels has led to enormous problems for us now and in the future - pollution, climate change, economic meltdown and consumerism. Had we not had coal and oil our true solar economy would have developed and prospered, even if technologically we may have been slacking. But technology is double-edged, with sinister byproducts such as weapons of mass destruction, CCTVs, television programmes for idiots, totalitarianism and isolation.

We need to scrap the past entirely, give up ideas like nuclear power and huge tidal barrages, all highly energy-intensive and inhuman in their scale, and concentrate on creating a world where we each generate our own power and grow our own food. Four acres to a family, a huge chav holocaust, no more immigration to fuel the economy and a resurgence of old skills. And a life that gives priority to family and fun, rather than Blair's nightmare vision of jobs for all from dusk to dawn, powerhoused kids with no childhood and a scrap pile for the millions that can't keep up.

We're ruled by idiots, too many morons have power (like the Israeli army, mad mullahs, christian funda-mentalists, middle-class chinless prefects and buffoons like John Prescott). These idiots will suffer more than us when the fan hits the shit because they're too busy chomping oysters and knocking back gin and tonics to read this blog ... Posted by Picasa

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