Friday, July 14, 2006

what's important ...

Being Pagan has loads of advantages. You can look beyond what's around you to something altogether larger. Pagans don't start wars - it would be like attacking ourselves. We don't have egos because how can you have an ego if you're just a part of something infinitely larger than yourself? We can't understand pointlessness because we can plan ahead infinitely - being alive is the point stupid! We can look aeons ahead into the future and think that what we do now can affect us in future lives, that every bit of good we do resonates through the ages to make the world and ultimately the universe a better place for all of us. We can love a storm or cold or discomfort as much as we love a summer's day lazing by the pool. We are naturally stoical, and a bit decadent too! Life's about fun, family and friends, it's not about getting one over on others, being randomly nasty, being bored or listless, disengaging from the world or whingeing. But most of all it's about being part of something larger, forever in a deathless multiverse. Posted by Picasa

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