Thursday, July 27, 2006

powerful reminders of where we're going

powerful reminders of where we’re going

On a day which brought continuing heat, headlining prospects of very large increases in gas and electricity prices and newsworthy powercuts in London, this evening Peak Oil and Climate Change must be in everyone’s minds, not just the cool people’s.

There’s something about the bleating of pensioners in particular that ‘something should be done about high prices’ that shows how out of touch these slavering, penny-counting, first-gear drivers are! Prices ain’t ever going to go down Grandad, so get used to it. You lot were amongst the most profligate of energy-wasters, and kept quiet like sheep when the transport systems of the future - trains and trams - were being wiped out by the unholy alliance of tories, labour and the road industry. There’s a distinct sound of chickens coming home to roost, and I can’t stand the clucking. So use less, make your homes more efficient and start thinking about the future for your kids and grandkids, rather than whingeing. Posted by Picasa

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