Wednesday, July 12, 2006

revenge of brunel ...

We all know that the S&D hates the GWR and the GWR hates the S&D. The S&D started it by running a railway through Great Western territory and letting the Southern and Midland in, the GWR got its revenge by closing the S&D in 1966. The S&D's getting revenge again by reopening, but the latest 'hit' was Brunel against me - and this time it's personal.

Trin took me on a mystery drive and walk on Sunday - and this was our destination. Little did Trin know that I suffer from terminal vertigo caused by exposure to the Eiffel Tower (in Paris, France) and the walkway on the Lady Isabella mine (Laxey, Isle of Man).

Every inch was a nightmare, the bridge swayed violently from side to side, the fences were loose, there were huge holes in the walkway ... I saw dozens plunge to an inconvenient death in the river miles below. Obviously any bridge built by Brunel would be shoddy, but this was horrific! Never again!!!! Posted by Picasa

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