Monday, July 31, 2006

lynmouth 2006

Looking down the cliff railway from Lynton. This is a superb piece of small footprint sustainable transport, heavily used and profitable. It works on water power, freely drawn from a passing stream. Water's added to the descending car and the weight of the passengers and water lift the ascending car which is connected by cable. This will be running centuries after the last car has spluttered to a petrol-less halt.

A view of the main road. This whole part of Lynmouth was remodelled after the 1952 flood which happened after 9 inches of rain fell in the Exmoor hills.

An indoor robin in the restaurant where we had our lunch! Despite appearances he is NOT stuffed!

Looking back up the hill towards Lynton. Possibly one day the top station will be connected by narrow-gauge railway to Barnstaple, reviving the original Victorian plan for the superb Lynton and Barnstaple Railway, which is currently being restored. The original Lynton station was about a mile from the cliff railway, the consequent walk being one of the contributory factors in the L&B's closure. Posted by Picasa

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