Friday, July 21, 2006

dinosaurs, heat haze and abandoned railways ...

We live in the middle of a huge commercial forest. Meanwhile the world's oil is running out fast, speeded up by the incredible heat both here and in the US increasing demand for air conditioning, oh, and a small war in the Middle East.

All the cottages in the village have wood-burning stoves, and the Estate sell wood. So what is the latest brainwave of the tossers who 'run' the Estate? To replace wood burners with oil-fired central heating! I pity the poor tenants who fall for this communist rubbish! I'm sticking with my Tiroler, which used about half a tonne of wood last year.

A view over the Estate - with the grass rapidly turning brown in the heat.

Under here is our 7 1/4" industrial railway. I've been too busy this year to even clear the track, let alone extend it and run trains ... Posted by Picasa

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