Friday, January 30, 2009

ciao racists

I was woken up by a big delivery, but in my half-asleep state I really thought I was dreaming when the news was running a story about lefties going on strike in the UK because 'foreign' workers were being employed taking 'British' jobs.

Well I wasn't dreaming and when I was fully awake I lost it!

I was brought up in a tough working class area in the 60s and racism was everywhere. But that was FORTY years ago.

Take a closer look at this. These workers aren't foreign, they are EU nationals (Italian and Portugese). They are not taking 'British' jobs - they are a skilled workforce employed by the Italian company that won the contract to do this construction work. Doubtless British companies tendered for this but weren't cheap/skilled enough.

When we were out in Switzerland in December a bunch of Essex lads sat next to us in the Mexican restaurant. They'd been out a few weeks working on a contract! So British people are doing the same thing in Europe, even OUTSIDE the EU!

So our dim lefty scum racist friends need to think this through.

Firstly the workers are EU nationals so there is no way we can stop them working in any case.

Secondly if this craven government did try to bring in some arcane anti-Free Trade rules then surely reciprocal arrangements would send tens of thousands of British workers back to the UK as their contracts were terminated?

Net result? A rise in UK unemployment.

Think it through you socialist scumbags and get back to work!
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