Tuesday, January 13, 2009

greenpeace do something right!

At last Greenpeace are doing something right! They've purchased a piece of land near Heathrow that they're packaging up into tiny plots and selling on to decent non-hippy types.

Then our idiot 'government' will need to negotiate with every owner to get it back.

Airport expansion is total MADNESS. Air travel will shrink steadily over the next twenty years, then will be gone forever. So why are the morons even considering this?? It makes no sense at all, even in their addled world view that sees the future as an extension of the past. There is NO replacement for aircraft fuel, and never will be.

Even the tories have got it. Rather than waste billions on a runway that will never be used, they are asking for investment in transport with a future - high speed rail. Even in an energy constrained world high speed rail should survive and even flourish. It's amazing that the tories look ahead whilst New Labour look behind them for ideas.

If Labour proceed with this - it will never be built but they may well authorize it - then the party will die, their internal conflicts (both between and within members) all being too much for them.

And the real irony? The piece of land is a wheatfield, which is what all of Heathrow will become by 2030!
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