Monday, January 12, 2009

total dickheads

This fucking 'government' has to go, and go soon.

They are SERIOUSLY wasting their time and our money discussing EXPANSION of Heathrow airport!!!!!

Now, we all know the world has changed. We've passed the peak and oil supply is now falling. But these socialist middle class arseholes are still acting as if everything is the same. This is the problem with government - they are totally isolated from reality and make tits of themselves on a daily basis.

Listen you wankers - air travel is already contracting. This is a PERMANENT thing. There is no suitable alternative to aircraft fuel. Air travel will vanish within 20 years. Rather than expanding airports you need to start planning for their contraction and eventual removal. The runways should be ploughed up and used to grow food. That is the reality. You live in a dream world. Lenin, Marx and Thatcher are DEAD. You need to move on.
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