Wednesday, January 21, 2009

second home scum

There's a right row blowing up in Helford, Cornwall.

The locals, the people that actually live there, need a jetty to help them load and unload their fishing boats. But second homers, the lefty scumbags that like quaint and nostalgia and twee, think it shouldn't be built.

As a vegetarian I wouldn't touch fish with a bargepole, but I don't think that should stop other people eating it, or indeed catching it and selling it for a profit. Come Peak Oil I suspect the most severe vegan will be munching on rabbit, squirrel and pigeon at every opportunity. We shouldn't knock those that actually make a sustainable living from nature.

I've nothing against second homes either, though how anyone can even afford a first home escapes me, even in this day and age!

But there is no way some London scumbags can determine how a Cornish fisherman lives.

Soon Cornwall will be independent of England, and this may well be one of the things that makes that happen quicker. Soon the second homers will no longer be able to afford the luxury of a rural retreat and real people will once again live in these villages. The sooner the better.
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