Tuesday, January 06, 2009

the new consumer reality

Shopping just after Yule is always a bit of a soulless affair but this year seems worse than ever. Okay, the above is Woolworths, but even a trip to Tesco today revealed empty aisles, tat on every shelf and just a general air of despondency, almost as if the average person in the street really has finally realised that the old consumer society - pointless socialism writ large - has vanished almost overnight.

JJB's seems to have closed down overnight. Other units on the same estate remain empty after two years - you have to wonder if they'll ever be let.

Something doesn't ring quite true with this recession. Despite just a tiny percentage drop in output, everything seems to be shuddering to a halt.

I had rather hoped consumerism would continue for another ten or even twenty years, just to allow us to get prepared for the change. Luckily my business is unaffected, I trade worldwide and offer a fantastic service, so if anything I'm busier than ever.
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