Wednesday, January 14, 2009

outlaw these lunatics

christians have been up in arms about these adverts on Bristol buses. As far as I recall these are a reaction to the dreadful Alpha Course ads that have been polluting the UK. A fringe christian group, christian Voice, has been trying to get them banned!

Look at the ad carefully. It doesn't even go so far as to proclaim what we all know, that there is no god. Yet these left wing foreign scum still want to ban the truth. I HATE christians!! There is no room for this foreign 'religion' in a Pagan country like the UK.

This made us smile, seen in Bristol yesterday. I love the deliberate spelling error!

Noah's Ark is a blot on the landscape. It projects itself as a zoo, but once you're trapped inside you are subjected to a constant barrage of lies. They actually claim Noah's Ark was REAL, that animals were CREATED by 'god' and that evolution is a lie. And all this is aimed at CHILDREN. christians always have to lie and cheat to get their psychotic message across, and kids are easy victims. There's no room for propaganda in the UK.

This is what the christians love - images of pain, death and hopelessness. christianity is a death cult for lefties and the middle class.

The UK was, is and always will be a Pagan country. There is no room for any foreign religions here, especially those born in the vile and raving mad Middle East.
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