Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the shame of the christians

Lies openly displayed at Noah's Ark - a CHILDREN'S zoo!

The Pagans are reclaiming symbols shamelessly stolen by the christians. This represents fertility.

Anyone who buys this filth for their child should be investigated by social services.

Says it all LOL!

We had a shocking experience at the doctors yesterday.

There was a child sitting with his mother near us. By them was some crabbit old sour-faced sow. The child had been sick regularly over the last few weeks. Turns out his mum and this old bag were members of the local church!

The old bitch was grilling this child, giving him the benefit of her superior brain. She concluded - publically - that the boy was putting it all on.

Then, unbelievably, this cow suddenly said 'Jesus can see everything you do.'

This is why I despise christianity. What utter drivel, and how sinister. I should have decked this socialist bitch, but as a Pagan I don't believe in violence. The way they lie and propagandise kids should be illegal. Social Services should be aware of this sort of thing which is clearly child abuse.

I can't wait until we've driven the last christians from this fair Pagan land.
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I think you've been on too much of your hippy weed mate!

Pagans will wipe you christian commies off the face of the earth.