Friday, February 06, 2009

bristol snow

It's been an amazing week, with four big snowfalls hitting Bristol. This morning's was the heaviest with around 6 inches.

Pundits are aleady blaming climate change, and this does seem to fit the pattern. But it's not that different from 1947, 1963, 1979 or 1981 so perhaps there's nothing sinister about it.

But what it does show is how vulnerable we are. Forget comparisons with Switzerland, Finland, New England etc - that's not relevant. Those places get regular cold winters with lots of snow, and it's worth them spending plenty of money on protection. More to the point is how quickly regular activity can come to a halt. Imagine if this was Peak Oil!

But there's been a fun side too. Kids have been off school, adults haven't been able to get to work. Hartcliffe's been even friendlier than usual these last few days. We think we're above (and beyond) nature, but it's clear we're not.
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