Friday, May 26, 2006

our modern transport system!

I was driving back from Trin's with my camera ready to take pictures of traffic jams, but this gem just sort of fell into my lap! You've got a dickhead middle-class loser caravanner trying to pass a dickhead Humpty Dumpty loser lorry driver on a clearly inappropriate road. Imagine the stress as loser meets loser! The real irony is that a few hundred metres to the west there is an empty railway trackbed that would be ideal for taking both these traffic flows, with no obstructions to decent road-users. Pensford is dominated by a magnificent railway viaduct which still has to be maintained despite generating no income. But taxpayers are happy to fork out for both maintenance of unused listed engineering works and to underwrite the huge loss of efficiency built into the economy through keeping a hopeless and antiquated road network, free at the point of use. Of course this will all be historic within 20 years - the railway will be rebuilt (possibly even by the S&D although never an S&D route) and the road will be used by a few walkers, cyclists and horseriders. So enjoy this silliness whilst you still can!

The Frome-Radstock-Bristol line closed in 1968, requiring a formerly closed section of railway (Mells Rd - Radstock) to be reopened. It closed suddenly due to possibly climate-change related catastophic flooding, which totally destroyed this road bridge as well as part of the railway. Of course there was never any question back then of the road being permanently closed like the railway, but it is probable that future destructive storms and floods will begin to eat away at the road network, and this may well start the process of wiping out our heavy-use road network. Watch this space! Posted by Picasa

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