Friday, May 19, 2006

dirty shopping habits

This is the ideal. I shop, but I still don't shop well. I have to drive to get to this place - no train or tram yet. The Organic Farm Shop, praised by Rick Stein, by the A350 at Longbridge Deverill. This is where I buy Trin's organic champagne truffles, as well as less essential items. They also do Ecover products that you can refill, which is about the most saintly thing any Pagan can do!

These are the watercress beds (organic of course) that lie alongside the shop. Our nanny-state lefty health and safety prefect scum are ordering that these are now fenced off, even though only 6 inches deep (sorry Blair, ten kilolitres deep).

Morrisons, Warminster. Note soon to be obsolete form of transport in foreground. This is a 'supermarket', an unsustainable and non-local alternative to real shopping. Shamefully I occasionally have to use this place, there being no Waitrose in Warminster.

Ah, recycling heaven, the Lions bookshop in Warminster. 4 books for a pound, no haggling. New stock every week. Posted by Picasa


Trinity said...

my truffles ARE essential you indigenous git.
I want to go to that bookshop.

Peak Oil Dreams said...

You'll have to learn better manners before they let YOU in ....

Trinity said...

I have plenty of manners as you well know missy