Sunday, May 14, 2006

A Kick in the Kidneys for Socialists/Tories/Car Anoraks and Pink Floyd.

A slap round the face for the socialist/tory/anorak alliance that tried to kill off the S&D back in 1966, when they thought oil would last forever and that somehow the big towns of Radstock, Midsomer Norton, Shepton Mallet, Wincanton, Sturminster Newton, Blandford and Glastonbury could somehow flourish into the 21st century without a rail link!

This is the rebirth of the S&D at Midsomer Norton, track relaid and ready for trains to start running again in 2007.

Rail will be the primary (in fact for many of us the only) form of powered transport available to us once the oil runs out. Rather than wait for government to get off their fat socialist/tory arses and begin to build a public transport service we've decided to get on with it.

You want to be an activist and wind up the bloated middle-class cretin prefects that run the country - get and start building railways now (whilst the rail and skills are still available) and ensure you and your community have a future. In a car-less world how else are you going to get around (when it's too far to walk, ride or cycle?) Posted by Picasa

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