Wednesday, May 24, 2006

everything london's got and more ....

Trin's in London today receiving a knighthood from the Queen, and I don't envy her one bit. London's got nothing we haven't got in the village, in fact we've got more 'cos we've got badgers. This is the village post office which sells everything from newspapers to sanitary towels to eggs. And Calor gas. Eat your heart out Hugh Grant.

We've even got an art gallery for the toffs and shirties. A nice touch is a Green man on the front, which makes this Britain's first Pagan post office - unless you know better. The art gallery sells paintings, photos and things carved out of wood.

I bought this very realistic carved cat, which I call 'Pyewackett'. It's eyes follow you as you walk around the room, and it wees. Posted by Picasa

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