Tuesday, December 02, 2008

to St Moritz

Metre gauge train at Landquart.

The view from our hotel window.

Cold horses playing with a branch.

Hartcliffe pair spotted in St Moritz horror.

I'm doing all this from our hotel in St Moritz!

We travelled over from Bristol yesterday. The trains weren't as good as usual with delays and cancellations, including the line to St Moritz being closed due to the avalanche risk. This meant some diversions, over a railway that only opened in 1999 - not sure what would have happened if this had been twenty years ago!

We finally made it here at about six in the evening. the whole town is under a metre of snow.
The hotel is superb with fantastic views across the lake and town. We had a superb raclette in the hotel restaurant, then had trouble sleeping because of the altitude!
This morning we've walked along the town side of the lake. This morning's snow has given way to bright sunshine.
As always Switzerland impresses with its post Peak Oil credentials. Superb and cheap public transport (even if, like us, you go first class!) and most power being hydro. Solar panels everywhere of course and cars and lorries being frowned on. Posted by Picasa

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