Monday, December 08, 2008

heroes and villians

57 protestors broke into Stansted yesterday night and disrupted flights. Heroes and heroines all.

Whilst a bunch of Essex losers, BBC socialist scum and pathetic little emasculated Stansted spokes'men' whimper about the 'criminality' of it all, the rest of us non-lefty types are allowing ourselves huge grins.

What are Stansted and our moronic 'government' thinking of anyway? Why on earth would Stansted need a NEW runway??? They are going to have a job keeping the business they have in the teeth of global economic meltdown. In a few year's time they'll thank the protestors for saving them from wasting a fortune on extra facilities that will never be used.

Socialists - SHUT THE FUCK UP! The world you tried to build has gone forever. Get used to it losers ...
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