Tuesday, December 23, 2008

a sussex yuletide

It always amazes me how different Sussex is. The dialect, the place names, everything really. Abby and Danielle were quite shocked when the shops down there sold the 'same as you get in a normal shop'.

Sussex nationalism is everywhere - don't ever call a Sussex person 'English'. They'll kill you!

The best thing about Sussex is that it was the last place in Britain to be christianized - it'll probably be the first place to re-Paganize too! The above sign is typically Sussex - thanks Dad!

What is it with christians and 'christmas'? All the crap they spout, even though everyone knows that Yule is a Pagan festival, and all the so-called 'christian' traditions are just perversions of Pagan ones? Birth of the son/sun - get it? The winter solstice. I HATE christians!!
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