Tuesday, December 30, 2008

hellatrow - oh dear!

How not to run a business!

In our quest for intra-holiday entertainment we trudged to a place down the road that advertises itself as having the biggest stock of used books in the UK.

What a let down!

A few years ago, when I was trying to pay my way through my MA, I sold books on eBay. This meant visiting a huge number of charity shops looking for stock. But this was far, far worse. This is where the books that the charity shops can't even give away end up!

What is the point of displaying 1 million plus books if not one of them is less than 30 years old, where the filing system is appalling, where all the tatty things that end up in attics take up valuable shelf space and where many of the books are not even priced?

This is one business that I hope is an early victim of the credit crunch - it deserves to be!
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Mrs Trebus said...

Anyone who has had to suffer under the boss of this place will no doubt applaud and heartily agree that today wouldn't be too soon for him to go down the tubes!

Rarely has Schadenfreude been so richly deserved.