Sunday, December 14, 2008

the quick death of the pound

It seems incredible that the pound is plunging so quickly - but it was forecast months ago by those in the know.

The fact is it's now about 95% certain that the UK will (at last!) join the Euro within 1 to 2 years - if the EU will let us.

Why a third world pisspot of a country like the UK needs its own currency is a mystery to me. Most of us travel, live or work in Europe these days, we've become Europeans over the last ten years, thanks to Easyjet, the better weather and Brits turning their backs on racism and other socialistic conceits.

The Mail/Guardian knuckledraggers have always whimpered that it's because we'll no longer have the queen on our coins. Sadly that's not true as the pattern coinage above proves. The other monarchies within the EU all show their monarchs heads on their coins, why wouldn't the UK? Or do the Mail/Guardian types really believe all the baa baa black sheep/English flags banned drivel?

Even the Euro is a currency of its time. As Peak Oil takes hold then the flight to gold will become unstoppable, as will the development of parallel local currencies, such as the Totnes and Lewes pounds. And I still fancy the Swiss Franc, the ultimate local currency!
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