Friday, December 12, 2008

socialist hell

(Geneva 5.12.2008)

Poor Manchester. I always thought it was a pretty cool place, providing us with The Smiths, The Passage, Inspiral Carpets, The Stone Roses and, above all others, Joy Division.

Now they've let us all down. The Guardian-denier-hippy-tory-lefty sheep have voted AGAINST (yes, AGAINST!!) the congestion charge!! Why would anyone vote FOR congestion??

So the loser sheep will have a few more years of ridiculous traffic jams until common sense and right wing ideas take root again and the charge is brought in and the profits used to build TRAMWAYS.

I shake my head sometimes. It looks like the whole world's gone red ...
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James Barlow said...

Is this satirical? Regardless here's a picture of Manchester's existing Tram (Light Rail) system, Metrolink.

Sunshiner said...

It's not satirical - don't quite know how you worked that one out! Satire is decadent and middle class - I HATE it!

The Machester trams are starting to look a bit dated - it would have been nice to have had extensions and more modern vehicles - but it appears that Mancunians fancy congestion - and all its associated costs - over having a city wide modern transport system.