Sunday, December 28, 2008

let's kickstart the cull

A not often alluded to problem of our socialist government's attempts to make us all drivers is the fact that around 80% of people are NOT natural drivers. In fact they don't have a fucking clue.

I hate driving but it is something I do well, thanks to years of challenging myself to push the boundaries - alpine crossings, foul weather driving, off roading, lorry driving etc etc.

But take a close look next time you drive at the sheer uselessness of most drivers. If they were dogs they'd be put down.

Today in a space of less than a mile the following three socialist hippy twats presented themselves -

1. A twat driving one of those obsolete 4x4 jokes overtaking (without indicating) on cross hatches and nearly collidng with cars coming the other way.

2. An old git driving so badly that we assumed he was drunk or Alzheimered up to the nines. His road positioning was so bad that we fell back about 50 metres. He then did a right hand turn about 100 metres short of the turning, running along the cross hatches the whole distance.

3. Some kiddie in front of us for an unknown reason turning left with no indication at all.

If it were up to me all the above three drivers would lose their licences for ever. Or better still be executed.

The problem is the socialists and hippies are so stupid they've forced nearly everyone on to the roads. It's pretty obvious that as our rail networks were destroyed by the hippies the bar for passing the driving test was dropped.

What needs to happen now is simple.

a. HUGE investment in trains and trams, as well as a national network of cycleways, footpaths and greenways (country bridleways with space for walkers).

b. Stopping the issuing of new driving licences.

c. Life bans for all road offences, including speeding, using mobile phones or being wankers.

Let's cull the fuckers! Amateur drivers should be forced of the roads ...
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