Tuesday, August 29, 2006

red bullshit

I don’t get this. The world’s overheating, we’re rapidly running out of cheap oil and what are the commies doing now? Flying planes through giant inflatables at Longleat!! In other words, just for ‘fun’, they are shoving tonnes of totally unneccesary carbon dioxide directly into the atmosphere for ... nothing! Are we mad or just stupid?

It really is time for governments worldwide to sit down and work out just how we are going to carefully manage the remaining oil, whilst at the same time rapidly developing a solar economy.

A few measures -

a five year rolling programme to remove ALL lorries (except for railhead-customer light vehicles) from public roads

the ending of the issuing of driving licenses

a committment to building at least 300 miles of new railways and tramways EVERY year

immediate imposition of full VAT on air fuel

removal of road tax and replacement by a fuel levy so that everybody (including foreigners) pays appropriately

Gradual closure of roads that duplicate existing routes

An end to all immigration to ease pressure on the environment

Grants to make homes sustainable and independent of the grid

Motorways to be converted to community railways

The immediate ending of all car and motorbike races and, of course, air races. Posted by Picasa

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